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Welcome to February’s newsletter and I thought I’d just check with you how you are doing with your resolutions?  Now, be honest – who has stuck to them all?  Interestingly, as we started this year it was pretty obvious who was determined to make this a good year for the health of themselves and their families. Quite simply, it is those who are being proactive.  It seems like many people are finding it hard at getting going.  Congratulations to those who have already signed up to get their families checked FREE in our New Years offer.  Don’t forget, we can only offer this to the first 30 clients who come forward.  Already we have found underlying structural problems in loved ones that would have surely caused major problems later on.  Remember, it is far easier to clear out ‘subluxations’ before they become degenerative. The number one cause of arthritis in the spine is an uncorrected subluxation.

“Just remind me why I need chiropractic care when I only feel a little stiffness?”

Stiffness reflects a gradual loss of function.  Every joint needs to move through its normal range of motion.  If it is not moving correctly the discs do not obtain the correct nutrition and gradually become thinner as they degenerate. The bones sit more heavily on each other, wear and tear follows, and we then enter the familiar inflammatory stage of arthritis with all its symptoms. Joints need healthy nerve reflexes around them and for the nerves to be healthy they need ‘activation’ which of course happens less and less as we stiffen. Nerves that are not continually activated go through cell death and the body loses control of the joint; now the arthritic process becomes very rapid. This is exactly what has happened to those of you who have seen degeneration in their spines and this is why everybody needs subluxated joints to be adjusted periodically.

What do we want for our readers?

VIBRANT HEALTH for you and your family, not merely symptomatic relief that ultimately allows the cause to worsen thus guaranteeing a gradual loss of health.

Don’t we all want to be healthy? This may sound like a silly question but based on what I see every day, it certainly seems a fair question to pose!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a diet of natural, healthy, nutrient rich food, reducing toxin exposure from foods and drugs, regular exercise, normal sleep, emotional, spiritual health, and a fully functioning nerve system.

This is important so try and understand the next point. All these factors mentioned contribute to sickness and disease because they interfere with the body’s ability to produce new healthy cells. The brain controls and regulates, through the nerve system, all cellular function in the body. Proper cellular function is the key factor which determines ones health. The human organism is a community of 70 trillion cells working together, in harmony. This symphony is conducted by the brain and orchestrated by and through the nerve system. Chiropractic adjustments importantly remove any interference to the communication between the conductor and the orchestra.

Why do so many people find it so difficult to be healthy? Any attempt to distance one’s self from the current disease care system requires an individual to radically alter their lifestyle. To begin an exercise program, change one’s diet, reduce their exposure to toxins, all take a considerable amount of effort on the part of the health seeker.

However, to improve one’s health through chiropractic requires nothing more than scheduling an appointment. We have in our office the best kept secret in healthcare. Isn’t it time you find out what regular chiropractic care has to offer you and your family?

Spread the word that chiropractic care is the fastest, the easiest and the most effective way to start off 2010 on the path towards health, happiness and abundant life.


“It is now 12 months since I suffered 2 prolapsed lumbar discs and a herniated disc which caused severe sciatic symptoms. For 9 months I took anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and pain killers under orthopaedic care, but was still, despite this heavy medication, unable to lie down or sit down for more than an hour or so without intolerable pain.

It is now 3 months since I first sought chiropractic care following recommendation by a friend.  Within a few sessions I could reduce my medication and began to be able to lie down comfortably for my first full night’s sleep in nearly a year! My sciatica has resolved and I have been drug-free for 10 weeks.  I am, once again, leading a normal active life including walking and horse riding, and I am immensely grateful for the help that chiropractic has given to me.

I can recommend to anyone, to seek help in this way, without hesitation.”

Alison G.

Until next month, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Kind regards

Tim & Vanessa

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