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Client Testimonials

These are just a few of the many testimonials that we have in our office. We hope you have a chance to look through them sometime. They will educate you and inspire you to make a change in your life.

Chiropractic health is amazing- especially when you’ve been helped by Dr Tim! He is truly dedicated to his craft. I was amazed at how my neckaches and headaches were significantly reduced in intensity after just ONE consultation with Dr Tim… Furthermore, his passionate education on the importance of chiropractic health is truly inspiring. I would highly recommend anyone to pay Dr Tim and his great team a visit- especially if you have been suffering from headaches, poor posture, or have been sitting for prolonged periods at your workstation!

Written by: Christel Quek

Since joining Total Health Chiropractic for my lower back pain, in just one month it has reduced so much. It was a wonderful feeling that Dr Tim Errington told me the root cause of my condition after showing my X-ray. I had never known that it was so bad. I am now more mobile, I am able to walk longer distances without pain, better sleep and improved my body alignment and flexibility. Thanks Dr Tim Errington for having his expertise in helping me overcome my problem.

Written by: Joseph Lim

I have been attending Total Health Chiropractic for the last one year and the care that I have received has been amazing. Not only my health has dramatically improved, I also feel the team really cares about my health. They are all so friendly. Thank you so much:)

Written by: Liana Olivera

Myself and my wife have been chiropractic clients of Dr Tim Errington for many years and we have referred many of our own patients to him for spinal correction. We have only received positive feedback. I am delighted to provide him with an excellent business and personal reference as he is a hard-working, honest and highly proficient chiropractor who has created a successful, energetic clinic and built up a strong client base based on the provision of excellent patient care.

Written by: Dr Raymond Hilu (Registered Medical Doctor and Surgeon)

Dr Tim Errington takes the mystique out of seeing a doctor by ensuring that everyone he sees is spoken to intelligently and given detailed explanations. Since visiting his clinic, I have experienced a huge improvement in my mobility. My pains and discomfort levels have diminished greatly and I have a strange feeling of wellbeing. I have seen many professionals over the last 20 years and none of them have really made any difference. Dr Tim commits himself to his clients, is dedicated to helping them and improving their lifestyle.

Written by: Richard Pattison

I was referred by a friend as I was suffering from much pain in my neck, back and down my legs. It was so bad that I couldn’t even put my shoes on or get in the car!” I now feel a huge improvement and am able to play golf and train. I sleep better and am therefore more relaxed and alert during the day.  Every time I visit Dr Errington, he empowers me with new information which is well explained. What has also helped are the exercises he has given me and bouncing on the ball. I think Dr Errington is very good. I’m his number one fan!

Written by: Stuart Langan

I have known Dr Tim Errington for a number of years as a patient attending his clinic. I have since referred many people to his clinic, including my wife. I can, without hesitation, recommend him as a trustworthy, highly ethical and skilled Doctor of Chiropractic who clearly is successful and has developed a very strong standing within the community.  Should you require any further clarification, then please do not hesitate to contact me at my clinic in Stockholm.

Written by: Dr Marek Gross

After just one appointment with Dr Errington, I was feeling much happier, relaxed and noticed a vast improvement.If it had not been for chiropractic, my life would be inactive. Instead, I have freedom of movement and therefore more quality of life. I regularly do neck extension and find it helps – I can now turn my head from side to side. Reversing my car has improved too! Dr Tim Errington is very good at what he does and gives excellent explanations and information.

Written by: Terry Parker
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