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You can make this a winning year, especially for your health.

“Happy New Year everybody!  Yes, it’s that time of year again.  A new year just starting, 12 months full of possibilities, a blank 365 page book to write, if you like.  And this year I’m more excited than ever!

Why am I so excited?  Well, a new year brings new beginnings, a time for healthy change.

Here at Total Health we like change as it keeps things fresh.  Already, this coming year is shaping up to be fabulously exciting for us.  New team members are joining us and soon we hope to open our second office, over on the east side.  We are very grateful indeed for the position we find ourselves in, but of course it comes with much hard work and dedication from our talented team members. 

A personal message from Dr Tim Errington …


Female Runner Winning Marathon

Do winners have it easier?

“As we know, there are winners and there are losers in life.  We see it everywhere. Life does definitely seem to come easier to the winners, don’t you think?  Why is this?

Well, winners nearly always succeed when they set themselves a task.  They get it done. If there is a problem, they fix it before more damage is done.  If they don’t know how to, they find someone who does.  And that, of course, is why we see many of these ‘winners’ in our office.  This applies to health as much as anything else.

I do not believe this is simply a matter of genetics or destiny. I believe a person attains certain fundamental traits and drives early on.  Maybe this comes from family, maybe from environment, maybe from dissatisfaction, often from observation. Many become determined, ambitious winners and their common trait is that they usually figure out how to win.

These are the people who consistently achieve amazing results with the natural, chiropractic health care we provide in our office. They are proactive, and do what it takes to get the job done.  If they need to tip the balance back towards health these achievers learn the steps, and follow the program.

And then, of course, there are those at the other end of the scale. You can coach them, motivate them, finance them, put them in great environments, introduce them to life changing strategies and they will still figure out how to lose. One way or another.

Do I think people change?  Well, unfortunately people develop patterns which are hard to change, so generally no.  However I do believe a person can change.

Are you moving towards health or away from it?

With that in mind I encourage and recommend that every one of you look deep inside and ask yourself why your health is not at the level it could be.  Don’t dwell on pain or any condition from which you may be suffering.  I see health as a balancing act.  If your body is regenerating as fast as it is degenerating then you have a healthy balance. We shouldn’t merely treat the condition but we should restore a state of health.  It’s like removing darkness by turning on the light.

By improving our general state of health and our structural alignment by implementing some simple changes, our innate healing abilities are freed up and we start to move back towards a state of health. There are actually very few conditions that won’t improve with this approach.

You can make this year a winning year, especially for your health

Few people end a year healthier than they started it, and this is not only a shame but it doesn’t need to be this way. You absolutely can improve your health and your future. Just adopt those winning principles of understanding health, being proactive and consistency. 

We at Total Health Chiropractic are here to help you. We understand the principles of health and our passion is to teach them.  

After CNY we will be commencing a regular heath talk where we will be teaching the principles of health and how to get the most from life.  This will provide extremely important information for our clients and show you how to achieve the best health results possible.  We encourage you to make sure you attend one of these talks as it is vital that someone in every family understands the life rules we cover here.

Here’s to a vibrantly healthy 2014.  Here’s to your health.”

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