7 Important Facts about your Spine

1) The Spine protects our delicate nervous system

The spinal cord and the spinal nerves. There is no coincidence that your spinal cord lives protected within your spinal column. This is an extremely intelligent design.Chiropractor showing spine

2) Posture is the window to your spine

Posture is the biggest clue as to your spinal health. It shows how your spine is coping with the force of your body weight and how it relates to gravity.

Good to poor posture for spine3) The alignment of your spine determines your centre of gravity

Your body functions best when your spine is well aligned in a healthy state of balance.


4) Your spine

Your spine is always the core stabilizer of your posture.

Working together with all the other dynamic supports along its length, such as the muscles, ligaments and discs, your amazing spine allows for mobility and flexibility whilst providing endurance and strength.


5) Spinal curvatures are designed to distribute mechanical stresses evenly

The spine naturally has three main curves. The cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) curves are LORDITIC, which means it is concave to the back, and the thoracic (mid back) curve is KYPHOTIC or convex to the back, these three natural curves providing the necessary healthy balance.


6) The spine is living tissue

The spine rejuvenates itself by constantly breaking down and rebuilding. A new and healthy spine can be restructured with proper spinal correction and rehabilitation.


7) Your spinal health has a direct impact on your general well being

A misaligned spine does not only give you musculoskeletal problems, but will inevitably lead to other more serious health issues, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches and dizziness, nervousness, and indigestion, etc.