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Free Health Talks

Be our guest and enjoy our series of FREE HEALTH TALKS EVENTS. These are our gift to our community. Discover the LAWS for amazing health and vitality.

If you didn’t know that something was bad for you, wouldn’t it still be bad for you?

When would be the best time to discover if something was going to be extremely detrimental to your health?

Interesting questions we think. Well, we know the answers to these questions and we would like to invite you to join us in our various branches for our exciting, illuminating and entertaining presentations on where health actually comes from.

It is a sad fact that most people have never been taught what is health, how to attain it or how to keep it. So, no surprises then, 90% of us end up suffering degenerative diseases and medicated in the name of health.

There is a better path through life that simply makes more sense. We don’t want this information to remain a secret any more, so come and join us and bring someone you love. When you apply the simple information you will learn, you will live a more vibrant life with less disease, less pain and less fear of the future.

“I have developed these presentations to help our clients discover simple solutions for health. How can we bring up our families healthily if we have never been taught the simple basics? Health is about balance and unfortunately I see people losing their balance everywhere I look. A loss of balance sets the stage for degeneration and disease. Nearly always it can be avoided. So please come and find out how, we’d love to see you”

– Tim Errington, Chiropractor

Join us in one of our free health talk events. Or contact us today with any questions on enquiries you may have.

Upcoming Events

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