Are you ‘putting up’ with aches and pains?

Subluxation is as real as that pain you feel!

Recently we have been expanding our outreach program and have been out and about in the city presenting guest lectures and screening for spinal problems at many of the major corporations in Singapore.

Everywhere we go it is the same story. Many wonderful people working hard, getting on with life whilst putting up with all manner of aches and pains. Perhaps you are one of them? The common denominator is usually the same wherever we go. Most people simply don’t know how their spines work and are therefore unable to do the simple things to maintain them at a decent level of health. More importantly very few people have given a moment’s thought to the intimate relationship between the spine and the central nervous system!!!

Let’s cut to the chase! If you have a misalignment in your spine (which from what I see IS a worsening problem due to postural issues), this WILL cause you to suffer spinal degeneration and worse still, it WILL gradually interfere with the intricate workings of your nervous system.

A stooped person is never a healthy person!!

Ever wondered why stooped people are always far, far more unhealthy than more upright people of the same age? The term for nerves being interfered with due to spinal misalignment is ‘SUBLUXATION’ and this, of course, is the main aim of your chiropractor – to ensure the maximum expression of your life by keeping your nerves clear of interference.

Do you have dangerous misalignments?

It is vitally important for your future health to know. So, do you have any stiffness and pain? After all, your pain is your body telling you that something is not right and needs a change.

I hear you…. “I know I should act…I’ll attend to it later when I’m not so busy”. Sound familiar? Well unfortunately for many, there is no healthy later. Later IS more degeneration, more nervous system compromise and loss of potential.

I do understand that our message is a new one for many.

I also understand that you may have tried other things. But what HAVE you tried and been told before? The pain is still there; it is real and constant and will become more and more incapacitating. And the geniuses are still saying their lines “It’s just muscular; it’s just soft tissue; just put heat on it; it’s the aging process; take these muscle relaxors; aspirin should work; the MRI was negative………” like it’s some little inconsequential muscle pull hardly worthy of skilled analysis.

A lower quality of life should not be acceptable

Without skilled, quality chiropractic care, failure after failure becomes seemingly inevitable and a new, lower quality of life must be accepted. Time keeps ticking by; there is gradual stiffening, pain becomes chronic, arthritis is building. And your poor nervous system within……….? This is where the real problems start!

And the worst thing about it all; this scenario is being played out everywhere. It’s an epidemic. And all because no one actually tells the truth that the body is designed to heal, that there is another way – a better way.

Your healing power CAN be turned back on.

Just get the pressure off the nervous system and let it do its job.

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