Cancer? Early detection is not prevention.

Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

This is hugely important information as the cancer industry is all about treating the condition rather than preventing the disease.

There is no money for the cancer industry in prevention, because the answer lies within us – a healthy fully functioning immune system. So, with this said it becomes blatantly obvious that in the avoiding of these terrible afflictions…..we are on our own! We thank the publishers of Natural News for allowing us to reproduce this information.

Cancer is one of the most potentially deadly diseases in the world. It attacks individuals no matter what their age, race, intellect or gender. It can affect one or all parts of the body. It can move extremely fast, or take several years to advance. One thing that has been found to be consistent during the many research studies that have been performed, is that certain factors have a dramatic impact on a person’s risk of contracting the dreaded disease. Of those factors, food is one that almost all of them share, either directly or indirectly. Several foods have proven through various studies to increase a person’s risk of contracting different types of cancer. They include:

1) Processed meats and foods

Sausage in a skillet

Hot dogs, lunch meats and other processed foods are full of chemicals and preservatives that are added to prolong shelf life. These additives not only cause the foods to be toxic, they also destroy what little nutritive value they contain.


2) GMOs

GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are foods that have been altered genetically to produce more or grow faster than their natural counterparts. The problem with foods that are genetically altered at a cellular level is that even though they are technically the same, they will not react the same once they enter the human body. They will not have the exact same level of nutrition or grow in the same way as their natural family members. Much like cloning, the food may look, smell and taste the same, but alterations can cause mutations within the cells that scientists have not accounted for.

3) Non organic foods

Non organic foods are those that are grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Fruits and vegetables that are repeatedly treated with these chemicals absorb them through their skin or peels. Once the chemicals are inside the food, they cannot be washed away, and therefore, are digested as the become part of our dinner fare. The majority of these chemicals are toxic and, when ingested, can dramatically increase a person’s risk of developing various types of cancer.

4) Charred foods

Charred foods with intense heat increase a person’s risk of contracting cancer. The charring or burning of areas of the food, causes carcinogens to be formed during the cooking process. Consuming portions that are burnt or charred is what increases a person’s overall risk. If a piece of food becomes burnt, just cutting away the charred area will substantially reduce the person’s risk.

5) Artificial sweeteners and flavorings

Several artificial sweeteners and flavorings have been proven to increase a person’s risk of cancer. Aspartame, Splenda and saccharine are currently being closely monitored to determine if their chemical makeup is responsible for increasing a consumer’s risk of developing different types of cancers.

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