Chiropractic – What’s it all about?

What is Chiropractic really all about?

-By Dr Audrey Choh

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Well, simply put, Chiropractic accepts that the nervous system is our master controller and that any interference or interruption to the free flow of its messages, between our brain and our tissues and organs, is an insult to our health and well being.

It is not about fixing you or your aching back; or about making your symptoms go away.

It is about giving you the power to turn on switches in your gene set to be healthy, powerful and outstanding.

Yes, we adjust spinal subluxations (misalignments) that can cause you symptoms such as pain, irritation, muscle spasms, scoliosis and much more. But those are just a small subset of the benefits that Chiropractic can offer.

Chiropractors, true chiropractors, believe that a well delivered and specific adjustment to the precise location of subluxation, can re-set, re-establish and reconnect lost nerve fibres to muscles never used and organs that are starved of life in the way of nutrients, oxygen and blood flow.

The adjustment has long lasting effects. For some it allows them to function like they never did before, realise their body’s full potential, or even better than ever before.

Yes, in Singapore’s society we are dumbfounded by the work-load, the stresses and incapability of returning to a sane, balanced self after the rat race that is our work day. Maybe we need more than just another massage, maybe it’s more than just ‘age’ catching up with us? When the back-rubs, physiotherapy, exercise and a ‘good weekend break’ don’t seem to do the trick anymore, then maybe, just maybe, it is our life that is catching up with us.

Time for a change? Try Chiropractic, without it you will never know what you can achieve with a fully functioning nervous system. Remember, your nervous system is your brain and spinal cord. What are you without it?

Chiropractic adjustments, when delivered with precision, specificity and only through diligent examination, history and sometimes further investigation….. can be the answer to you breathing better again, seeing things clearer, running further, sleeping better, digesting and healing better.
Is this something perhaps you would want? What about your family?

No, unfortunately we don’t cure Cancer. We don’t heal bone fractures and adjustments certainly do not make you an overnight genius. But the truth is, chiropractic helps your body come back to how it is supposed to function…without bad posture, without interference and without the stresses that your body is unable to cope with.

How are you aging? Could be better? The only reason you are breaking down faster than you are healing is because your stresses outweigh your body’s physical coping mechanisms.

Only two things can happen here:

1. Change the stresses.

Change the situation whereby you are not under so much stress (physical, chemical and emotional).

If this means changing your work ergonomics, running slower, wearing good shoes – do it.

If this means eating better, quitting coffee, alcohol, smoking, sleeping late, eating at odd hours – do it!

If this means going to emotional support groups, sharing your worries with family and friends, standing up to bullies – do it!

This will all make you healthier! And allow you to live life, fully and with great gusto and love!

2. Improve your coping mechanisms

If you need help to re-establish balance, a gentle push in the right direction, or your body needs a wake up call or a helping hand – reach out to Chiropractic! Why? Because, this is what we do. Because we know our adjustments help your body to cope with, handle, and balance all those stresses that attack your body every day.

In a world of increasing stress we must be more and more proactive in our health. We have seen the result of neglect and for those who don’t ‘get it’, they are building more and more hospitals.

I urge you to join the millions worldwide that have discovered and embraced chiropractic. Become one of the lucky ones and then help us share the message. We want to be there for as many people as we can on this planet and even if this means talking to one person at a time, then this tirelessly we will do.

Yours in Health,

Dr Audrey

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