Free Corporate Outreach


Singapore’s most caring and forward thinking businesses and organizations have invited us into their premises to educate and entertain their management and staff. Find out why we have been asked to present this information in many of Singapore’s leading organisations and corporations, many absolute pillars of our society.

Help us to help your people live extraordinary lives free of disease and degeneration. Yes, the secret is out – longevity with vitality is there for the taking. Improve concentration and productiveness whilst strengthening immune systems and reducing absenteeism.

Popular talks/events topics include:

  • [Most popular] How poor computer posture affects your health & how to correct it

  • 5 Pillars of Health – Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, Mental Health, Spinal Health

  • Posture and Desk Exercises Workshop

  • How to resolve headaches, neck and shoulder pain without medication

  • How to resolve back pain without drugs or surgery

  • Correct Sleeping Posture

  • Stress Management

  • Super Food for the Super Human Body!

  • Sports Injuries/Prevention

  • Secrets to Total Health (Chiropractic 101)

  • Upper Cross Syndrome

  • Lower Cross Syndrome

  • A Well Woman’s talk – Pregnancy, Menopause and Chiropractic

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