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Dr Mike Kang 

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Mike Kang has worked as a Doctor of Chiropractic in Sydney, Australia for the last 10 years.


Dr Mike graduated from Macquarie University in 2012 after completing a Master of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science.


Why did he become a chiropractor? As a teenager, he had suffered from low back pain and tried many different kinds of treatments for years. Frustratingly, he found that nothing helped.


By the time he was 19, he found himself unable to stand up longer than 20 minutes at a time due to the chronic low back pain. This obviously impacted all areas of his life including his social, sporting life and his ability to work. 


It was then that he found Chiropractic which quickly helped him heal and got him back to enjoying life as a normal 19 year old should. This amazing transformation, after years of agony and frustration, saw him helping others as a Chiropractor years later.


In his free time, he enjoys art, yin yoga and kickboxing.



2009 - Macquarie University, Sydney - Bachelor of Chiropractic Science

2012 - Macquarie University, Sydney - Master of Chiropractic 

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