Dr Nelson Fong

Dr Nelson Fong is finally back home in Singapore! A highly skilled and honoured graduate from the prestigious Murdoch University, Australia, Dr Nelson specializes in ergonomic care and postural correction.

Having seen the devastating effects of forward head posture and the drastic postural dysfunction that follows, he focuses his skills on treating and correcting this widespread problem. Joining Total Health Chiropractic has enabled him to integrate his system of spinal care developed over many years, into our proven and successful program of care that enables our team to fully correct spinal stresses and importantly reverse the degenerative process. We welcome you to have a chat with Dr. Fong and find out how we can improve health and functionality and provide the best ergonomic care possible for you, your family and for your work.


“Posture is the key to maintaining good health and a youthful body. Regaining good posture should be the goal of anyone who wants to slow the effects of aging. However, people nowadays tend to lead sedentary lifestyles with too much sitting and this inevitably leads to worsening posture and poor health. My goal is to help facilitate healthy, positive change, transforming their postures, improving movement and function and thereby enhancing enormously their future health”

– Dr. Nelson

Dr Nelson in uniform

Being a true Singaporean, he enjoys his good bits of Singlish, local delicacies and of course family and friends. Also, being a Son of Singapore, Dr Nelson serves as a Scout PC in the Guards formation for his reservist. The Army has well and truly trained him to build a different independent and strategic mind to think and work logically and efficiently! In addition to his command role, Dr Nelson also helps his fellow servicemen who are experiencing bodily aches by providing chiropractic care to them during ICTs.

When not in the office, Dr. Nelson enjoys reading as well as traveling with his wife.

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