Makin sense of back pain puzzle

"I Can’t – I’ve got a Bad Back!" Making Sense of Back Pain

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh I can’t do that, I have a bad back”? Of course, you have. In fact, we all have. But, what actually causes a “bad back” and what can be done about it? Also importantly, if we don´t understand how the spine works, how can we hope to look after it?

Makin sense of back pain puzzle

How many people have actually had their health problems explained to them in a manner that is clear and understandable? Do you really know why you have all that back and neck pain, headaches and fatigue?

Making Sense of Back Pain

A “bad back” is usually an indication of a chronic, longstanding injury or problem that was never detected or corrected at the initial onset. Often“bad back” sufferers will experience an acute episode during the summer months as a result of summertime activities like golfing, gardening and long hours of traveling. The key to avoiding these episodes is to get to the source of the problem and not simply mask it with medication or fool yourself that “it will go away”.

There are several tissues that can be affected when someone complains of a “bad back” including the joints and soft tissues of the spine such as the spongy-like discs between the vertebrae, the ligaments that support and hold the spine in place, the delicate and sensitive nerve tissue and the many overlying layers of muscle that have to respond and tighten to protect a damaged joint.

Often the cause is not a major single incident but a series of minor or micro-traumas that slowly accumulate and over time weaken the spine and related tissues.

Making sense of the structure of the spineThe normal curves of the spine are essential for shock absorption and normal biomechanical movement of our bodies. These curves can be lost or straightened over time as a result of the major and minor traumas we endure on a daily basis. Of course, the greatest stress on the spine is often due to the terrible postures we hold ourselves in day after day, sitting all day at a computer is one of the common causes of postural problems.

This improper alignment places added stress and pressure on the joints and discs in your spine. In addition, the surrounding ligaments that support normal alignment can deform and the surrounding muscles can react because of the increased demand. These muscles are the ones that can get stiff and sore during or after our favorite activities.

All of these physiological changes can irritate the delicate nerve fibers located in and around the soft tissues of the spine, which then respond, by sending messages of pain to our brain. The reason it keeps reoccurring is that often the underlying cause is going undetected and uncorrected.

Well, this is where a visit to TOTAL HEALTH CHIROPRACTIC should be high on your list of priorities. An initial visit to this clinic will involve all sorts of tests and in many cases, a series of weight-bearing X-rays will be scheduled in the order that the ultimate cause of the problem is identified.

“Everybody has the potential to better. My job is quite simply to see how good you can be, to take you to a place where structure and function is improved and subsequently pain is reduced; then we show you how to maintain this state. It’s quite simple really. However, first we need to establish the real cause. It may be posture, a repetitive strain type injury or the result of an accident. But, one thing is certain….there is a cause!

-Dr Tim Errington

Once the cause of the problem has been identified, a sensible treatment plan can be formulated. At Total Health Chiropractic, we achieve our remarkable results by ensuring that all the necessary areas for full recovery are covered. We employ gentle, precise, spinal manipulation or spinal adjustments, to improve function and alleviate the inflammation and pain. We use several specialist stretching or traction machines to take the pressure off the joints and our exercise therapist trains all our clients to perform the simple home spinal stability and flexibility exercises to ensure that healing is complete.

We have literally thousands of satisfied clients whom we have helped over the years get back to a life without pain and we are very proud of our testimonials and online reviews! People just want to be able to get back to normal life and this is always our primary goal.

Client Testimonial

“Dr Tim takes the mystique out of seeing a doctor by ensuring that everyone he sees is spoken to intelligently and given detailed explanations. He commits himself to his clients and is dedicated to helping them and improving their lifestyle”

-Richard Pattison