Introduction to My Pearl Blogs

PEARLS – small precious things that will improve ones life if you own them

When we first opened the doors to our space on Amoy Street, we made a pledge that we would be different from the rest and provide you with the tools to really improve your health. With this in mind we are launching our ‘PEARLS’ – a series of blogs to gradually bring you the basic information you need to look after yourself and your family.

Unfortunately very few of us are taught anything about health and there should be no surprise then that many lose it.  On the basis that you can’t look after something unless you know how it works we intend to be the difference that fills the void. We will bring you the information you need in a manner that is easy to follow and it will gradually build a far greater understanding about this vital but overlooked aspect of life. Read them, they will be short and concise and if you only grasp the basics it WILL make a difference.

Every day we adjust spines, realigning them for a better life. When we all work together as a team our results are spectacular and we see this over and over again.  But this has just been the start of our mission.  We’ve been here in Singapore for the best part of a year now and it is clear there is a huge need for what we do.  The postures that I see in the markets and on the streets tell me that I have a lot to do.  The X-rays I read daily tell me more.  I know I’m in the right place and that I’m going to make a dent. People who know me know I have a lot to say about health…….it’s because I care.

Each week I’m going to send out my ‘PEARLS’ and they will gradually cover a lot of ground.  I urge you to read them, question them, understand them and pass them on.

Kindest regards

Dr Tim Errington

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs”
Joan Welsh

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