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Jan-Mark Smith

Jan-Mark Smith has over 12 years professional experience including rehabilitating sports injuries and has worked in semi-professional football and rugby teams. 

He has also worked in a Cranial Osteopathic practice, specialising in treatment for newborn babies, infants and pre and postnatal women. With these specialist skills, he uses very gentle techniques to identify and correct mechanical dysfunctions.  He has regularly treated babies for symptoms of colic and reflux with enormous success.


Jan-Mark is British and has worked in the UK and also Singapore for the last 10 years.

Jan-Mark Smith has received training and is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) in the UK. To maintain his ability to practice, he must participate in the annual renewal process, which involves obtaining a yearly license to practice.


The GOsC ensures that during this process, Osteopaths have active professional indemnity insurance, remain in good physical and moral standing, and have completed the required continuing education.

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