Newsletter December 2009

I met up with some old friends the other day and our conversation inevitably turned to health. One particular lady I was talking to really made me think. I noticed that she now stoops so badly that it is putting at least 10 years on her age. I asked her why she didn’t come into our office any more. “Well, swimming keeps me going mostly,” she replied “but I haven’t completely ignored my health since I last saw you. I have had all my front teeth replaced with beautiful pearly whites.” She gave me a fantastic Hollywood smile and hobbled away.

Three years ago she came into our office and her X-rays showed the areas of her discomfort. There were some fairly severe subluxations that without the correct care would result in further degeneration which was only going to get worse. She felt a little better with the work we carried out and then she left.

Now, 3 years later, she is much worse and says she is embarrassed to see herself in a reflection. However, if she had followed my initial advice and we had gradually worked on her spine over time, her present reality would be completely different. We would now be maintaining her at a much higher level of health.

When I mentioned this to her, she said she had drifted away from care as the chiropractic information and marketing she had been presented with lacked the “sizzle” that the ordinary person needs. “We want white teeth, great hair and clothes and a sexy car. Now that’s ‘sizzle’, something people can relate to.” she told me.

Basically, you are as good as your spine allows you to be … period. If you have pain, it is already too late – there is something wrong or going wrong. The pain is merely there to inform you of this fact; that it is time to make a change. You want sizzle? Well how about the difference between being old and stooped at 65 with 20 years to live or, at 65 having great posture and movement, practicing sport and enjoying getting down on the floor to play with your grandchildren? Yes, the work we do can give more years to your life and more life to your years – this is not just a slogan but a reality.

A relatively short course of corrective care followed by chiropractic maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive but it can make a massive difference to your future. You probably budget for going to see your dentist twice a year and maybe you even considered spending a great deal of money in getting your teeth perfect at some time, but of course most people feel very comfortable with investing in their teeth. Chiropractic care is the same but for many, even more important. Your spine and your subsequent health are in one of three stages. It is maintaining health, losing health or regaining health. I guess you know which phase you are in.

Whilst it may seem more expensive in the beginning, you can maintain a much higher level of health for less than 500 Euros a year at Marbella Chiropractic.

One day, a future generation will dig up some bones in a graveyard somewhere and they will be totally amazed to see the rotten, degenerated skeletons with such perfect teeth! We will be the last generation that just didn’t get it.


One can consider 5 simple rules:

  • The body is a self-healing mechanism
  • All of its functions are controlled by the nervous system
  • If anything interferes (subluxation) with the transmission of energy through the nervous system, we lose our health
  • Chiropractors find where the nerves are being blocked, remove the interference, and allow the body to do what it always wants to do … heal. This is what we do and it is amazing what results can be achieved when the interference is removed.
  • Only the power that made the body can heal the body. Contact us and let’s get started. You only have one life, so live it in health!

Christmas Quiz

Look out for the Christmas Quiz arriving in your mailbox within the next week! Two great hampers to be won!

Finally we wish you the very best for a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful 2010.

Kindest regards from the team at Total Health Chiropractic
Tim & Vanessa

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