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Prescription Drug Abuse

Fate seemed to play a hand in my lead article this month as I had wanted to write about the over-use of prescription drugs for a long time but had always been wary of upsetting some people. However, too many incidents have been talked about recently and it can no longer be ignored that deaths from over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs are rising at a phenomenal rate. You have no idea how many people come into our office and start to list the amount of different medications they are taking without their Doctor knowing (or asking) which other ones they are still taking. Stop and think about it for a moment.

Are you, or any of your loved ones, taking two or more different types of medication together?

Have you gradually been increasing the dosage of certain medications?

A report compiled from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supports the ongoing claims of today’s Chiropractors and confirms that over the last 7 years, the numbers of prescription-drug related deaths has almost tripled.

Michael Jackson had prescription drugs at his disposal to help with pain he suffered for a broken vertebrae in his back and, at the time of writing this, his family is saying “This is a case of abuse of medication …”. He had people around him who “enabled” him to abuse medication.

A very kind patient approached me the other day asking if he could send out a letter to all the residents in his Community telling them his Chiropractic story. The content of his letter was completely coherent with this month’s newsletter and he had no hesitation when I asked him if I could use some of it.

Thank you Maurice. This is his story:

“For over 8 years, I suffered with a stiff and painful neck. At first it wasn’t that bad and was easily controlled by taking 200mg of Ibuprofen first thing in the morning. However, after a few years, I was alarmed to find my daily dosage had increased to 2000mg a day!

I decided to do something about it. Like most of us would, I went to my GP looking for a solution. He sent me for an X-ray. The diagnosis was that I had an “old neck” and, barring corrective surgery, I had to learn to live with it. The solution? A prescription for a drug more powerful than the one I’d been taking for a number of years. And, because this drug radically upsets the digestive system, I needed another drug to control the first one.

Not happy with the situation, I decided to try something else.

I met Tim Errington at Marbella Chiropractic. He read the x-rays and explained my problem clearly. He suggested a course of, what he describes as, corrections. He gave me simple home exercises to “help him, help me”.

Within 2 weeks, there were improvements in the flexibility of my neck and, more importantly, a reduced dependence on painkillers. Each correction seems to bring increased benefits.”

Why do you take statins?

Has anyone noticed that there is a drive out there to make the taking of statins mandatory for those over 50 years of age? This is supposed to save lives and the Health Service millions of pounds of expenditure. The drugs companies will make billions also. So it’s a win/win situation right?

Well not quite. Statins, that lower cholesterol in the blood, have not actually been shown to prevent premature death. In clinical trials there was actually no difference in survival rates between those who took statins or those who didn’t.

In fact, official figures show that the numbers of Doctor’s reports of side effects and deaths linked with statins has significantly increased. And, in one recent trial, it is claimed, 90% of patients had side effects.

Cholesterol is vital for the development and function of brain and nervous system. So it is not surprising that various psychological problems show up, as well as muscle weakness. In worse cases, we have seen total muscle cell breakdown and kidney failure.

For a non-drug approach, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine last year found that Omega-3 reduced the chance of dying from heart disease more than statins. As a source of Omega 3, we favour Udo´s Oil. Please feel free to ask for details.


As you should all be aware, Chiropractic care can address many health problems, not just those related to spine or joint pain. A major goal of our treatment is to avoid the necessity of medications and therefore avoiding any risk associated with taking unnecessary medications.

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