Newsletter May 2010

The Power Within Us

I’m going to keep this article purely about one subject as I want to hammer it home and I really don’t want to get it lost in rhetoric. If anyone wants to ask questions or comment then feel free to pursue.

To me, there is no bigger deal than what I am going to talk about; it is at the very heart of health, healing, life and chiropractic. I could say ‘philosophy’ but we’re talking about truth; reality as it is. Would it be correct to describe this as a philosophy? Possibly not. This is the undeniable law of life.

There are some who would deny the existence of miracles but the truth is that all existence is a miracle. Every 24 hours your heart beats 100,000 times, your blood travelling an incredible 60 thousand miles. Your heart actually beats about a billion times in the first 20 years and another billion for each 20 years thereafter; that is a lot of work. With each stroke your heart propels through its ventricles 3 ounces of blood, an incredible 10 tons every 24 hours. By the age of 70 it has beaten 2,500,000,000 times, pumping 61,500,000 gallons of blood weighing over a quarter of a million tons, about the weight of a battleship. Just as well we don’t have to direct operations.

In our body everything needs constant maintenance. Look at a simple example and the complex steps that make it up. Let’s say you cut your finger. After the cut, a blood clotting activator called prothrombin attaches toprothrombin and converts it into thrombin.Thrombin then attaches to a protein in your blood called fibrinogen and converts it to another protein called fibrin. This fibrin then collects into threads making a meshwork of proteins much like a spider web. This spider web is the blood clot. The blood clot works like a glue covering the cut to stop bleeding and let healing take place. If we had to sit and mentally coordinate the blood clotting process, we probably wouldn’t get much else done that day.

How about our stomach? Did you know that it needs to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it would digest itself? In fact, in your whole body 50,000 of the cells will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence!

Imagine if you had to control all these functions with your conscious mind. We know that just the liver has over 500 different functions. And if something went wrong, could you make the exact adjustment to bring the system back to normal. Somehow I think not. How about at the cellular level? Do you think man can or will ever construct a human cell or direct its function? What about constructing and directing 400 billion of them?

The cells of our body perform BILLIONS of operations PER SECOND. These processes don’t just happen haphazardly. They are coordinated and orchestrated by an intelligence. Without it we wouldn’t be here; it gives us life. We refer to this force as INNATE INTELLIGENCE, and those who work to protect and nurture it call it ‘Innate’. It is our best friend and the closest ally we will ever have. All living beings are born with this intelligence. Living things are not random collections of molecules and atoms. We are much greater than the sum of our parts. It is undeniable that there is an order to the body. This is the basis for Innate Intelligence.

Imagine a newborn baby; how many times should its heart beat each minute? How should it ingest and digest nutrients and eliminate the waste? How should it develop and utilize white blood cells to fight infections? How should it communicate its need for outside assistance and how to adapt to the environment to function best? No one has to teach an infant these things. Nature needs no help, just no interference.

“In every living thing there is an Innate Intelligence

guiding it on the path to health.”

Innate Intelligence is so obvious that it is more often than not ignored or not even acknowledged.

However, there is obvious proof everywhere. Take less than 2 minutes now to watch this video to really understand this important information.

Innate Intelligence is the next most important thing to life itself. How big of a deal is it to look after and nurture your body’s Innate Intelligence. There is no bigger deal. In chiropractic we simply call it The Big Idea. Allowing Innate Intelligence to operate at 100% without any interference is our main focus. When we release the power of Innate, it is incredible the results we see. Some say that the healings that can be achieved are a miracle. To a chiropractor, it is no miracle, but the body being allowed to function at its best.

Until next month, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Tim & Vanessa

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