Newsletter September 2010

Beat The Ageing Process With A Chiropractor

Someone once told me that our goal in health should be to die feeling as young as possible as late as possible. I haven’t really come up with anything better and for most of you out there, I think you would agree. Certainly, I’m sure your family would wish that for you.

If there is one thing that I want to get over in this newsletter, it is that both health and life are dynamic; they are not static things. Life keeps on going, until it stops of course.

But life can change; it can be good and it can be bad. Health changes for the better and it changes for the worse. Where you are today is the result of actions taken or not taken in the past. Your future will be the result of decisions you make now, make no mistake. This has enormous consequences for the average family. If we could look into the future and see how things may go wrong, perhaps that could help us avoid making some mistakes?

Well in my office I CAN SEE INTO THE FUTURE. If I see that someone is losing mobility or their posture is worsening, then their future is one of failing health…every time. It’s only a matter of….by how much?

Life is about families and every family has a story. We get to star in this story and we shape the outcome. If you look into your future what do you see? Do you see yourself on the floor in your 70s playing with your grandkids, feeling good, loving life, contributing? Would the life for your family be better if you are to age kindly? Of course! If you can’t travel due to arthritic pain and the side effects from your medications, how different would your life be?

Take some control over you future and make some small changes. This could be the best decision you ever make. Your family will love the difference they see in you and your investment will reap wonderful rewards.

Remember the body is a machine which must follow laws of the universe. Laws like ‘use it or lose it’ spring to mind, but how true. Things that are not in alignment wear out far, far, faster. Foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc. Alignment is everything….ignore it at your peril.

You think your heart and lungs may be stronger if you can walk a mile a day to collect the newspaper? Absolutely! What about your bone density, or your immune system or even your nervous system that controls everything?

Take a look around. People with great posture look and behave younger, much younger. Those with bad posture ALWAYS look old before their time. It’s a law. Look after your cells, look after your tissues; look after your joints and you look after your future. If not, your family is going to be looking after you. Be as you were intended to be, somewhere close to your potential.

Every person old before their time has a story and it’s not a good story. There is a family who loses their fun loving grandparent; a mother or father who becomes a worry and a burden to their loved ones. It’s always the same. My advice is based on fact, clinical study and daily observation. Look after your posture, keep the right shape… will pay you massive dividends later. Make sure your joints are working correctly, especially your spine: Why? It has to stand in gravity for the best part of a hundred years. Lose your posture and gravity will pull you down. It will win the fight, it always does.

Eat well, stay flexible and exercise. Get a good chiropractor and get the most out of your body. Your body drives your brain. You want to slow down your brain slowing down? Then get a chiropractor to help you get the most out of life. Remember ‘motion is life’! I don’t know who said it, but how true?


We are currently offering a free spinal check to anyone who would like to find out how healthy their spine is and the effects this could have on their life. Call 6224 6326 and ask for your free 10 minute appointment.

Until next month, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

With love and gratitude

Tim & Vanessa

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