Your Posture Can Shorten Your Life

There are 4 main reasons that posture is so important and I encourage you to grasp these as it will make a huge difference as to how you age.


1. Poor posture leads to a degenerating spine.

As with most things, structure determines function. This means the spine has a certain shape for it to work properly. Things that are out of alignment wear out … plain and simple. Arthritis starts as an alignment problem – hips, knees, back bones and necks.

2. Poor posture drains you of much needed energy.

The body uses much of its energy just to hold itself upright and for movement. If you are slumping into poor posture, then your body becomes inefficient and huge amounts of additional energy are required just to live as you fight gravitational forces. No wonder those with forward head posture and twisted spines suffer so much fatigue.

3. Poor posture causes tension in the nervous system.

As the posture worsens, the delicate nerve fibres within the spine and those entering and existing the spinal column become stretched, twisted and pinched. These nerves are then not able to perform their job correctly i.e. transmit information, and loss of health is inevitable as the body loses some control.

4. Poor posture shortens your life!!!

Also, and I’m sure you know what I mean – poor posture looks terrible! Especially to me as a posture doctor and I see it literally everywhere.

These facts are irrefutable and the results of poor posture are predictable. We are dealing with the laws of the universe here.

The take-home message is this. If you are doing something all the time that gives you bad posture (computers, high heels, driving etc), then you are damaging your health and probably a lot more than you think. Pain, tension and stiffness are simple clues that the body isn’t happy and needs some change.

Simple steps can be taken to balance these effects and this is our driven goal. To help where we can – quickly and efficiently – to bring people back into balance.