Pearl #4 – Keep On Moving!

rsz_bigstock_young_laughing_girl_bouncing_o_16357400We were born to move; of that there is no doubt.

We are never more alive than when we are moving.

Think of kids bouncing on beds running and jumping, never still. That’s the way it should be. Remember moving with that grace and ease that comes with youth, never having to try too hard. It was so natural; we couldn’t be stopped. Our bodies are designed to move.

So what happens as you age, which we all must do. Well, unfortunately, it really is a case of “Use it or lose it“. If we don’t keep moving we stiffen and age – simple as that. Our bodies need that movement to maintain themselves properly. “We sit at our desks all day; is that a problem?” Well yes it is, and more than you think.

I could list 100 great reasons why movement is important but let’s go for five big ones.

1. Moving our bodies through gravity (exercise) takes a little force and this force gives us strong muscles and bones necessary to keep us functioning well and standing upright and in good posture. It helps prevent breaks and other structural failures.

2. Movement fires our nerves and sends electro-chemical energy up to light up our brains. You never saw a stiff, shuffling senior with a super-fast mind. It doesn’t happen. Movement keeps your brain young.

3. Moving our spines puts motion in the discs and this is vital to keep our discs healthy. As you stiffen, the discs degenerate and you lose height and age badly. Movement bathes the discs with blood, oxygen and nutrition. Lack of movement causes the discs to dry and gradually fail. We must look after our discs and to do that we have to know how they work.

4. Movement of muscles squeezes our veins and sends blood back to the heart. No movement, and blood pools in our leg – think DVT, think red blotchy swollen ankles, think varicose veins. So, sitting for hours without moving is asking for trouble.

5. Less movement = shorter life and especially less quality life. Why? Well there are four very good reasons above.

Chiropractic and movement – very simply put, my focus when working with a spine is to restore normal function. Obviously this involves normalizing movement between the vertebrae (backbones). A program of ‘adjustments’ together with consistent home stretching or yoga is the best way there is to restore youthful movement and vitality.

Here’s a ponderance for you to ponder!

In this photo – one of an apparently old lady walking healthily and unaided, together with an old man shuffling along with his cane. Who is the chiropractic client here?

“If I’d known I was going to live so long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”

Leon Eldred

Dr Tim’s exercise tip

Aim to walk a little more every day. How about taking the stairs rather than the escalator in the MRT station? Pull your stomach in, walk tall and be light on your discs.


Take a look back at the pictures above and think about which one is, or could be you?

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