Pearl #5 – You Can’t Hide From The Laws Of The Universe

Your body is a construction site


This is a simple concept and one that, if you get it, will make health far more understandable and way easier to attain. Try and grasp it as it makes complete sense and will certainly help you with your health goals.

No matter how you look at health, there are certain known facts that we just can’t ignore. This is a big one! Quite simply, our bodies are constantly breaking down and rebuilding themselves, tissues being destroyed and absorbed and new tissue being created. There is a healthy balance that must be maintained.

rsz_bigstock_balance_30606If you are becoming stiff, feeling old, losing your good posture and feeling pain, then almost definitely the balance is tipping towards degeneration. If, however, you are being more proactive with your health, then the balance is being tipped back towards regeneration.

If you go down to the gym and work-out, you break down muscle and then it grows back stronger. If you stretch, you break down your stiff non-elastic tissue and it gradually replaces itself with more elastic tissue. It’s true.

Isn’t this great, you can build the body you want! I didn’t say it was easy though, did I. But the truth is that your body is constantly breaking down and replacing itself.

The X-rays we read in our office show the health of your bones. Did you know that all your bones have cells that are constantly returning the minerals back into the bloodstream? These little guys are there constantly nibbling away and breaking your bone down.

At the same time, there are other cells that are constantly building bone where the body deems appropriate. If we have the right shape (posture) and movement (joints) then with good nourishment, we rebuild ourselves as we should. If we have bad posture and accept stiffness as normal, then our new body tissue looks and feels like arthritis, and of course that is exactly what it is.

So, if you don’t like how your body looks or how it feels or performs, then more than likely this balance between destructive and constructive forces has been negative and taking you in the wrong direction.

At Total Health we are constantly addressing this balance. The daily forces of living take you away from health (posture, nutrition, exercise, stress, toxicity). If you just let it happen, you will almost surely succumb to a degenerative condition; this is what the statistics tell us. And this is why my job is to push, to keep encouraging you to maintain the balance.

P.S. What kind of body are you growing? Or growing into? Why not make a plan now to take a little more exercise every day and remember to stretch! If you would like any help or advice, please do not hesitate to email me at

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