Pearl #8 – Are You Headed For A Bumpy Road?

rsz_bigstock_bumpy_road_ahead_sign_18509138Let’s continue to take away the mystery of your ‘discs’.

These are your spinal life pads, your back’s shock absorbers and if you look after them you will be moving gracefully and pain free into your old age. If you don’t – well let’s just say “you don’t even want to go there!”. Let’s face it, if you are losing your shock absorbers then you are headed for a bumpy road.

In our last Pearl we learned that these discs keep your vertebrae (back bones) apart and clear from interfering with your nervous system. We also learned that they allow us to move and bend. So we definitely don’t want our discs to slide into a diseased state of early degeneration.

Disc disease is serious – if you don’t believe me ask anyone who has suffered a slip disc or been for spinal surgery. Pretty much any spinal condition can lead to degenerative disc disease as all it takes is a loss of normal movement and this puts you on the path towards this debilitating disease.

Basically, normal spinal function is hugely important if you want to be good in the future. What does this mean? Simply, having the right shape and right movement.

If the pelvis is true and the backbones are stacked correctly, straight from the front and with just the right curves from the sides, then it is extremely unlikely that you will suffer premature spinal aging. And, of course, we need to remember the golden rule “move ’em or lose ’em”! These discs need to move correctly to make sure that waste products are being pumped out and nutrition is being pumped in.

Your take home message is this …

Look after your shape (posture).

Worsening posture = worsening health … every time!!!!

Look after your movement.

A stiffening spine = a degenerating spine … every time!!!!

Here’s a couple of photos. No prizes for guessing who isn’t looking after their discs.


OK everyone, this is good. We are now learning stuff that will make an enormous difference if applied. First we must be aware…then we must apply.

Thanks for all the great feedback on our Pearl series. I am enjoying writing them as much as you are enjoying reading them!

P.S. Take a look back at the pictures above and think about which one is, or could be you?

Kindest regards

Tim Errington BSc DC

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