Pearl #10 – Five Tips for Creating a Healthy Workstation

Five Tips for Creating a Healthy Workstation:

Forward Head Posture causes degeneration and loss of health. It has NEVER been known to enhance health, vitality or longevity.

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A common question we hear a lot is “What is the best chair for me at work?”

Well actually, there isn’t a chair that will prevent damage done to our bodies if we are constantly sedentary or not moving. No one chair fits everyone and we should only be sitting an hour (maximum) before we take a break!

Here are five tips you can use to make sure you are not hurting yourself at work.

1.    90 degree rule. Your hips and knees should make 90 degree angles when you are sitting back in your chair. Usually you will have a fixed desk height so you may need to add a block under your feet if you are shorter.

2.    Support your arms. Use a chair with adjustable armrests if possible.

3.    Make sure your monitor is at eye level. Have a co -worker/spouse look at you from the side and confirm that you are not looking down at your monitor. This will cause undue stress and strain on your neck.

4.    Relax your shoulders when you are sitting and remember to breathe! When stress hits, our shoulders become tight and we breathe very shallowly. To reduce the effects of stress on our bodies, we need to be mindful of our breathing at all times.

5.    Take breaks every 30 minutes. Look up, grasp your hands together behind your back and pull your shoulder blades together as you stretch on your way to grab more water or to the restroom. Set a timer across the room if you need to so you at least have to get up to reset it.

The spine is designed to work in a certain way, and have a certain shape. It is designed to move. Respect this or there will be potentially disastrous consequences later on.


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