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The Posture Regainer Device

Designed and developed by chiropractors, the Posture Regainer is a simple but highly effective device used to correct forward head posture, abnormal ribcage alignment, and altered spinal curvature.

The Posture Regainer allows you to continue your spinal remodeling at home or on the road if you are travelling.

Posture Regainer pic2

How Does it Work?

To improve that familiar unhealthy posture of forward head with tight slumped mid back (see below), whilst improving the neck curve, we must stretch the tissues back towards normal. As we stretch the supporting ligaments and muscles we must retrain the muscles to hold the neck in the new position.

We must use opposing forces; one must push forward and one must and one must pull backwards. This is a very user-friendly method of 2-Way cervical traction similar to that carried out in our main Total Health Chiropractic Clinics.

Loss of Normal Posture

We can see normal posture below on the left with the green spine. The human neck and rib-cage from the side should be vertically aligned with natural curvatures of the spine in the neck and rib-cage. With abnormal posture, the balance is upset. The vertical alignment becomes off kilter, and gradually balance is lost. The increasingly abnormal shape causes more and more detrimental forces on the postural muscles, spinal ligaments, discs, nerves and bones. Even the internal organs in the chest and abdominal cavities become compressed and compromised.

Denneroll posture pic

Using the Posture Regainer

Fig 1

Fig 1

Figure 1. Patient setup with POSTURE REGAINER in the upper thoracic spine. This causes considerable thoracic extension and thus assists in correction of thoracic flexion postures with forward head posture and loss of the cervical curve.

Fig 2

Fig 2

Figure 2. POSTURE REGAINER Patient setup for a mid-thoracic (T6) contact. This setup helps correct posterior thoracic translation postures with exaggerated thoracic curve. It will reduce forward head translation and effectively increase the cervical curve.

When lying on the Posture Regainer, it is best to keep your legs flat for the most effect on the Lumbar spine. However, at first for comfort and tolerance, the knees can be bent.


Please ensure that you have been instructed thoroughly by your Total Health Chiropractor before using the Posture Regainer at home unsupervised!

WARNING: Certain conditions can contribute to increased risk of injury during cervical extension traction. If you experience any unusual symptoms including, but not limited to; increased pain, dizziness, headache, nausea, numbness, visual disturbances, muscle weakness, loss of coordination or function, please consult your spinal health professional before further use.


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