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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

Why we see so many miracles

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Chiropractic has been around for well over 100 years now. It is very established in most western countries and is now starting to spread to the East. Let me explain why chiropractic is so amazing and why it works so well.


Beauty in Simplicity

You see, its beauty is in its simplicity. It uniquely acknowledges that you are a self-healing, self-regulating organism. More than that, it recognizes that you have an inborn ‘innate intelligence’ that organizes all your cells, tissues and organs. In chiropractic, we call this “Innate”. This is the power that made you and grew into what you are today. It did not abandon you and it lives on, to this day, inside you, organizing and healing, communicating throughout your body via your nervous system.

Millions of electrical instructions flowing from your brain, down your spinal cord, and then out to all your organs, tissues and cells. At the same time, all the vital information necessary for our self-regulation, returning to our brain.


However, if the bones of your spine assume an incorrect position, or move incorrectly, this can interfere with this vital exchange of information as the delicate nerves become irritated. This, of course, can affect adversely the function of the organs and tissues controlled by these nerves. You may feel numbness or tingling, lose strength or coordination, or an organ may tend towards a diseased state. When the spinal bones interfere with the nerves, this is known as a “vertebral subluxation complex,” or simply, a “subluxation.”

At Total Health Chiropractic, we correct these subluxations with very specific spinal adjustments together with the application of necessary traction and exercise to stabilize the underlying cause. This improves or restores the communication between mind and body and health, which IS OUR NATURAL STATE.

Remember, your body is constantly changing and it is either growing stronger, moving towards health, or it is becoming weaker moving towards sickness and degeneration. To a very great extent, this depends on how effective is your ‘self-regulation’. All the parts of your body and mind simply must be communicating properly, and because your nerves are so intimately connected to your spine, your spine must maintain perfect shape, form, and function. This is what chiropractic does and its beauty is in its simplicity!

Result of poor posture

Spinal Distortion

In this world, spinal distortion due to worsening posture is everywhere. With it comes nervous system compromise and subsequent loss of health. Think about it – never have you seen anyone with poor posture and vibrant health. These two states simply can’t co-exist. Is there a reason why the seniors in your family taking shallow breaths? Why is their digestive system not what it used to be? Why is their blood pressure on the rise? Is there really a need for medication? This is their body starting to lose control.

Looking after your spine and nervous system should be a big part of your health maintenance. If you do not have periodic chiropractic adjustments then we suggest strongly it is time for a change. For people who really understand chiropractic and have been enjoying its benefits for some time, it has changed their world. Periodic adjustments become part of life, like brushing one’s teeth. It simply makes more sense than neglect. If you look after the important things in your life they will last longer, and when it’s your spine and your nervous system there surely isn’t anything more important.

Chiropractic has already started to change the world, but it’s a long road and we have much to do. When someone regains their health it can be seen as a miracle, but to us it is normal. It is just what happens when the interference is removed. If you feel that you or a family member are perhaps not living to your full health potential then we urge you to give chiropractic a chance. For millions, there has been no going back.

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