Fifty Reasons to Exercise

We’ve all been told that exercise is important, but what are the reasons to exercise? Many people do certainly seem to do OK without breaking a sweat, don’t they? Well for how long I wonder? An interesting question, don’t you think? Of course, we all have busy lives and for many of us finding enough time to get out there and exercise is a real challenge. The Truth The truth is, really busy people find time to exercise! There is no excuse! We all know that life is a journey and if we are going to be healthy in the future we have to look after ourselves. We can only stay on the ‘wrong track’ so long without ending up somewhere undesirable. Reasons to Exercise Lifts your mood Improves learning abilities Builds self-esteem Keeps your brain fit Keeps your body fit & able Boosts mental health Boosts your immune system Reduces stress Makes you feel happier Has anti-aging effects Improves skin tone and color Improves sleeping patterns Helps prevent strokes Improves joint function Improves muscle strength Alleviates anxiety Sharpens memory Helps to control addictions Boosts productivity Boosts creative thinking Improves body image Gives you confidence Helps you keep focus in life Improves eating habits Increases longevity Strengthens your bones Strengthens your heart Improves your posture Prevents colds Improves appetite Improves cholesterol levels Reduces the risk of(certain) cancers Lowers blood pressure Lowers risk of diabetes Fights dementia Eases back pain Decreases risk of osteoporosis Reduces feelings of depression Prevents muscle loss Increases energy and endurance Improves sports performance Increases pain resistance Improves balance and coordination Increases oxygen supply to cells Improves concentration Helps with self-control Lessens fatigue Increases sex drive & satisfaction Makes life more exciting Improves QUALITY OF LIFE #poorposture #Health #antiaging #Chiropractic #arthritiscure #fitness #singaporehealth #exercisesforbackpain #exercise

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