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ScoliRoll – For the effective treatment of Scoliosis

“We have found that the consistent use of ‘Scoliroll’ Spinal Orthotics is a highly effective treatment protocol for those suffering from scoliosis. It helps in maintaining and improving spinal flexibility whilst reducing pain. We now recommend these simple devices to all out patients with scoliosis”

~ Dr Tim

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The ScoliRoll is a unique device which can be used as an adjunct to other scoliosis therapies such as specific exercise programs and traction. When used correctly, it creates a specific bending moment, de-rotating and straightening the scoliosis. This allows for muscle and ligament stretch and also creates the opportunity for spinal stabilization exercises while the scoliosis is in a straightened position.


The Thoracic ScoliRoll® is designed for use with thoracic and some thoraco-lumbar scoliosis curves. For Lumbar and Thoraco-Lumbar scoliosis curves, we recommend the Lumbar ScoliRoll.

Lumbar Scoliosis1 Adolescent patient with 51 degree Lumbar Scoliosis.

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is the most common type of scoliosis. It can progress extremely rapidly in growing children. When spotted it must be treated proactively and consistently to prevent increasing deformity and ultimately pain, suffering and loss of health. The best chance to control the curve and make some correction is with early intervention.

The ‘wait and see’ method of monitoring the progression of the disease adopted very often by some practitioners makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Scoliosis can occur in adults later in life, or a pre-existing scoliosis can degenerate and progress in adulthood. Adult degenerative scoliosis is often associated with chronic lower back pain. Scoliosis in adults can be difficult to treat but specific rehabilitation programs can improve body alignment and therefore function and reduce pain.

Using the ScoliRoll

To be effective, the ScoliRoll device should only be used on a firm surface such as a floor or bench.

ScoliRoll should be used for no longer than 25 minutes at a time. You should build up to this slowly.

When finished with the ScoliRoll session, you should not sit straight up. You should roll onto your front and rest for a few minutes before getting up.

The results that you can expect if you use the orthotic correctly and consistently are:

  • Curve straightening
  • Derotation of the spine
  • Ligament stretch
  • Reduced pain



Placement of Thoracic ScoliRoll

– Position at curve apex

– Hip and shoulder touching the floor

– Head Supported

– Build up gradually to max. of 25 mins.

– Roll off slowly after use


Lumbar Scoliosis2

Placement of Lumbar ScoliRoll

– Position at curve apex

– Hip and shoulder touching the floor

– Head supported

– Not for more than 25 mins. max. use

– Roll off slowly after use.



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