The time to correct your child’s spine is ASAP!


If you want your child to grow up healthily, a balanced spine is critical. The evidence is overwhelming that posture is as important as nutrition and exercise, and in many ways far more important. If you choose to ignore it then the consequences can be very serious indeed! Here in Singapore, we see worsening postures everywhere.

Group of school kids

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Fibromyalgia? Why you MUST try Chiropractic

Fibromyalgia is a painful and little understood condition that scientists believe to affect as many as 5 million Americans. For reasons unknown, women are the primary sufferers, making up an estimated 80-90% of the patient population.

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Decreased Medical Costs With Chiropractic Care

Study Demonstrates Clearly Less Use Of Medicine And Significant Decreased Costs With Chiropractic Care

Spectacular decreases in the utilization of medical services and their resultant costs were observed when Doctors of Chiropractic were used as primary care physicians.

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Arthritis? Look for Natural Solutions

The main symptom of arthritis is joint pain. Did you know that ‘Arthritis’ means ‘Swollen Joint,’ affecting millions of people and preventing them from reaching their full potential?

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What is "Silicon Valley Syndrome?"

Silicon Valley Syndrome is, unfortunately, something you probably have.

The incidence of Silicon Valley Syndrome in Singapore’s working population is 80-90% so, in all likelihood, this probably means that this is something you have or will develop.

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