What is "Silicon Valley Syndrome?"

Silicon Valley Syndrome is, unfortunately, something you probably have.

The incidence of Silicon Valley Syndrome in Singapore’s working population is 80-90% so, in all likelihood, this probably means that this is something you have or will develop.

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Forward Head Posture

Forward Head Posture & Cervical Kyphosis??

~ by Dr Audrey Choh (Total Health Chiropractic)

This is a condition we see everywhere nowadays, especially here in Singapore, and it is causing enormous loss of health. We are talking about incorrect or forward head posture caused by poor computer posture and the like, or generally slouching (Nb: Cervical means neck; Kyphosis means abnormal shape).

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Forward Head Posture and it’s effects.

How developing FHP is disastrous to your health

Article by Rene Cailliet MD

First of all, Forward Head Posture (FHP) refers to the head being carried forward of its proper placement over the shoulders and upper body, the center of the external opening of the ear should lie approximately on a line dividing the lateral shoulder in half from front to back.


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