Why we recommend programs of chiropractic care

Health is not an event but a journey! I think it’s fair to say that most of our clients come to our office because of some kind of pain. This was their body telling them that there was something wrong. They were on the wrong track and damage was being caused.

Program of Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractic – What’s it all about?

What is Chiropractic really all about?

-By Dr Audrey Choh

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Well, simply put, Chiropractic accepts that the nervous system is our master controller and that any interference or interruption to the free flow of its messages, between our brain and our tissues and organs, is an insult to our health and well being.

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Water Fluoridation – Outdated, Unnecessary and Dangerous!

Water Fluoridation

Why we at Total Health urge you to limit your exposure to this toxic chemical.


The addition of fluoride to water for the purpose of preventing tooth decay began in the 1940s on the mistaken premise that fluoride needs to be swallowed to be effective.

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