Basic Neck Exercises

As part of your rehabilitation, it is vitally important that you restore full and correct motion to all the individual joints of the neck. The chiropractic adjustments you receive at THC are isolating restricted segments and gradually regain function. However, it is essential that you stretch every day to compliment the work we are doing.

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Why I am a Doctor of Chiropractic

Why I am a doctor of chiropractic. Today I’d like to share something special with you. It may help you understand why we do what we do. When I first went to chiropractic school all those years ago in San Francisco I used to spend hours in the library studying physiology.

why i am a doctor of chiropractic for family

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What Is Poor Posture Doing For Your Health ?

Young woman with position defect and ideal bearingThe human body simply needs to be in alignment. If it is, we are more efficient standing in gravity and we are not ‘hanging’ on our muscles and ligaments. Our weight is being supported effortlessly. Better still, we feel healthy, have bags of energy and move gracefully. This is not just about standing up straight; it’s about postural awareness and developing and maintaining great habits.

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