Loss of Normal Neck Curve = Neck Pain

If you are experiencing neck and/or shoulder pain please try to understand what these ‘whispers’ from your body are telling you. In all likelihood, they are telling you that you are losing your structural balance.


Good curve bad curve photo

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Decreased Medical Costs With Chiropractic Care

Study Demonstrates Clearly Less Use Of Medicine And Significant Decreased Costs With Chiropractic Care

Spectacular decreases in the utilization of medical services and their resultant costs were observed when Doctors of Chiropractic were used as primary care physicians.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain – Simple Solutions

Has everyone got a bad neck?

Certainly seems that way, doesn’t it? Neck and/or shoulder pain affects nearly 80% of the people of Singapore. It is a major reason for lost productivity and absenteeism from work, and for many, it leads to headaches, arthritis, and other health complications.

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Why I am a Doctor of Chiropractic

Today I’d like to share something special with you. It may help you understand why we do what we do. When I first went to chiropractic school all those years ago in San Francisco I used to spend hours in the library studying physiology.

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