What Is Poor Posture Doing For Your Health ?

Young woman with position defect and ideal bearingThe human body simply needs to be in alignment. If it is, we are more efficient standing in gravity and we are not ‘hanging’ on our muscles and ligaments. Our weight is being supported effortlessly. Better still, we feel healthy, have bags of energy and move gracefully. This is not just about standing up straight; it’s about postural awareness and developing and maintaining great habits.

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Yoga and Chiropractic

Yoga and Chiropractic – The Dream Team?

When I finally hung up my rugby boots at age 38, quite literally everything was hurting! I had back and neck pain my body was bruised and battered after many broken bones, countless concussions and a few trips to the hospital. The final straw had come when I was forced to have reconstructive surgery on my right knee. It was time to make some big changes and it was time to heal. I needed a new pastime and a new sport.

Yoga and Chiropractic

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Headache and Posture

A closer relationship than you may think! If you are unlucky enough to be one of the many headache sufferers, then it is likely that this is significantly affecting the quality of your life. The reason I am writing this, is that this appears to be a worsening problem.


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