The Big Idea – how it works, the truth!

After adjusting my friend’s 6 year old yesterday, the mother asked me “will this bring his fever down?” My answer had to be “I don’t know”. The truth is, it may need to go up so that his body will effectively destroy the bacteria and fight the infection more effectively. On the other hand, it may go down, being that his immune system just needed that little extra push over the hump. Either way, whatever happens after the adjustment, it can only be for the better.

You might be thinking how I can be so bold as to say that. Simple. Fortunately, when we were created by the universe we were given the most amazing healing power within us. Once any interference to this intelligence is removed, the power released by the chiropractic adjustment releases the healing potential of the body. The body’s response is appropriate EVERY TIME.

Being blessed with 7 year old twins, we see this evident in our house all the time. The body always wants to heal if it can. If it is respected and nurtured correctly then we can trust our innate intelligence to return us to a state of healthy balance.  This is ‘homeostasis’, and without it we are in trouble.

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