What Kind of Life for My Kids?

“A Normal Life!”

Kids Australia

They were born Chiropractic Children. babies and infants their immune systems were never assaulted by vaccinations. Now as children they don’t require synthetic drugs and symptoms are seen as their expression of health as the body restores balance. During childhood they have the usual illnesses, but conservative treatment gets them through without antibiotics or drugs, and they continue to exercise and build their natural immune defenses.

They don’t eat white sugar, white flour, hydrogenated oils, too much meat or cheese, don’t drink soft drinks or pasteurized milk. They eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and a clean, natural diet. They will never learn to drink much coffee or to smoke cigarettes. The only pills they will take are natural antioxidants and enzymes and minerals, which will be part of their daily intake. They drink a litre of water every day.

Into adulthood, they will never get sick: no colds, no flu, no headaches, no diabetes, no ADD, no “thyroid problems,” no panic attacks, growing pains, fatigue, or digestive disorders, no high blood pressure. The only pains they will experience will come from accidental injury. They will continue to participate in moderate exercise or sports activity to maintain mobility and general fitness.

They will always look to the care of their spines and the nervous system within. Their entire adulthood will be spent in this disease-free mode. As they age, their minds will become sharper, their bodies stronger, their immune system tougher. They will experience no arthritis, cancer, or osteoporosis, no Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. They will not allow mass programmed values set their limitations. Finally one day after the best part of 100 or more years, they will flicker like a candle and go out. These will be good lives spent in vibrant health!!

Why do I write these thoughts?

Well, perhaps the above thoughts may be useful in choosing a doctor. Some doctors will say all this is impossible; which for them will undoubtedly be true. So don’t choose them. All this is possible; moreover, thousands and thousands of people are living it. So listen only to those who can help you achieve such a condition of living health. Because now we’ve arrived at the threshold of a time when good health and a powerful immune system are not only advisable; they are the very determinants of survival.

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