Chiropractic Biophysics – How it Works

Simply put...

We improve the shape and movement of the spine, and then we trust the healing power that IS within us to do the rest.

“Posture goes way beyond appearance; it affects the way your body functions, distorting your ability to think, heal and metabolize.”

Let's get a little more technical.

Our spines are physical columns that have to stand in gravity for a lifetime. If they have good shape (posture) and movement, then the body’s natural tendency to adapt to its surrounding gravity environment ensures that we maintain strong bones and healthy joints. If we have bad posture and less than ideal movement, then our adaption is unhealthy, and degeneration or osteoarthritis occurs.


Your posture is a window into the condition of our nervous system. It reveals how we adapt to stress, and it can reveal our lifestyle! Just standing erect requires the coordination (by your nervous system) of 200 muscles. No wonder those with poor posture complain of being tired!

Initially, degeneration will occur without symptoms, but these stress areas gradually worsen until stiffness and pain are experienced.

As the lack of mobility in the spinal joints worsens, other critical things occur. The discs in the vertebral column are vital in their primary functions of providing flexibility while acting as spacers between the vertebrae allowing the nerve roots to leave the spinal cord unimpeded. Unfortunately, these discs do not have a blood supply and entirely rely on movement to pump in fresh nutrition and pump out the waste products produced by metabolism. Without normal motion, the discs dry out in these joints, and we see a build-up of metabolic waste (CO2, lactic acid, etc.).

The discs lose their structural qualities and integrity, and they can fail, leading to prolapse or herniation with resultant pressure on the

spinal cord.

As degeneration continues, the body tries to help itself; it tightens muscles around the joints and sends inflammation to the area to prevent motion. This, unfortunately, worsens the problem as normal physiology is interrupted further.

Initially, your chiropractor will adjust or manipulate the affected joints and restore some normal function; improved range of motion, better blood supply, and more normalized joint neurology. As pain is reduced, addressing the cause of the problem or the situation will gradually worsen. Your CBP doctor will slowly change the spine's shape back towards physiological normal while improving its movement or biomechanics. This is done using precise chiropractic adjustments, specially designed stretching or traction machines in our office, and providing specific exercises to improve spinal stability.


CBP xray neck

“Because all our cells are constantly being replaced, this gives us an amazing opportunity to grow back towards health; by    improving our spines we improve our lives.”

 – Dr Tim Errington


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