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Back Pain Management with Chiropractic Care

Lower Back Pain can be helped with chiropractic care

Unearth a Pathway to Ease Back Pain with Chiropractic Care

Back pain is a common concern for many Singapore residents, with over half of the population experiencing this discomfort annually. This can lead to work absences and frequent healthcare visits, affecting individuals' quality of life.

Natural Strategies for Spinal Health: Chiropractic Care

At Total Health Chiropractic Singapore, our approach involves non-invasive, natural strategies to reinforce overall spinal health.

Our experienced chiropractors concentrate on identifying the root causes of your back pain, utilising a range of techniques such as spinal manipulations, specific exercises, and traction methods.

Chiropractic Consultation: Uncovering the State of Your Spine

Our chiropractors work towards enhancing your spine's function, fostering a supportive environment for your well-being.

During your initial consultation, we evaluate your suitability for chiropractic care through in-depth health history analysis, necessary examinations, and, if required, spinal X-rays. Armed with this information, we present a personalised plan to assist you in managing your back pain.

The Outcomes of Enhancing Spinal Function

Optimising your spine's function and reducing pressure on discs and surrounding tissues can help minimise nerve interference, thereby supporting discomfort management and improving spinal stability and mobility.

With over twelve years of experience in aiding clients on their path to better spinal health, Total Health Chiropractic Singapore stands as your reliable partner.

The Benefits of Enhancing Your Spine's Function

  • Fostering a healthier environment for disc and soft tissue

  • Minimisation of nerve involvement

  • Support for discomfort management and improved stability

Break Free From Back Pain's Grip on Your Life

Begin your journey towards improved spinal health today. Please schedule a consultation with our dedicated chiropractors across our clinics in CBD, Tampines, Toa Payoh, and Clementi.


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Back Pain


“I had suffered from lower back pain for many years. My GP had prescribed anti-inflammatory medication which gave very little improvement. Since visiting Total Health Chiropractic, my condition has greatly improved and, at last, I have been able to stop taking the drugs. ” 

—  DM

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