Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

More than 50% of us will have back pain in any given year!

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for absenteeism from work. And also a major reason people visit a medical doctor. Unfortunately, medication is often subscribed, which only helps the pain but does not treat the cause.

Back pain is one of the main reasons why people visit Total

Health Chiropractic Singapore. Our chiropractors are very well equipped to deal with this potentially significant problem.

Factors involved with pain in the back include muscle imbalance, prolapse, arthritic change, and pinched nerves. Unfortunately, it’s usually a functional problem, and most treatments do not correct the cause. In the end, many unnecessary surgeries become necessary.

At Total Health Chiropractic Singapore, our chiropractors improve the function of your spine, thus promoting healing.

During a full consultation, our chiropractors first determine if you are a suitable candidate for our spinal rehabilitation procedures. This consultation includes a comprehensive case history and any necessary orthopedic and neurological exams.

If necessary, we will organize X-Rays to see the changes that are happening to your spine. Once we have all the required information to give the very best care, we will outline the recommended treatment.

We use specific spinal manipulations or adjustments, traction, and spinal flexibility/stability exercises to improve your spinal function.

Benefits of restoring the spine's function:

  • discs and soft tissues may heal

  • nerve involvement may decrease

  • pain can ease, and better stability can return


We at Total Health Chiropractic Singapore, have been helping thousands of clients achieve their back pain goals for over ten years.

Contact us today for back pain relief! Make sure you

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by Dr. Tim Errington

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Back Pain


“I had suffered from lower back pain for many years. My GP had prescribed anti-inflammatory medication which gave very little improvement. Since visiting Total Health Chiropractic, my condition has greatly improved and, at last, I have been able to stop taking the drugs. ” 

—  DM