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About Us

Established in 2010, Total Health Chiropractic Singapore has been dedicated to providing exceptional care to over 15,000 satisfied patients. With 4 clinics and a team of 8 specialist Chiropractors, we are committed to delivering personalized, holistic solutions that promote total health and wellness.

Total Health Chiropractic follows a strict Code of Ethics. We listen to our clients and respect their views and goals regarding their health. We recognize that health is a journey and that the best results are achieved when chiropractors and clients work together.

We believe that the little aches and pains we experience are warning signs of larger health concerns that can no longer afford to be left unaddressed.

Corporate Wellness Talk about Chiropractic

If you would like to enquire about any of our corporate wellness solutions, please enquire here!


2019   Finalists in the HR Vendor of the year award for Corporate Wellness

2018   BERG award for a leading chain of chiropractic wellness clinics

2013   Promising SME 500 Award


Total Health Chiropractic has focused on educating the corporate workforce in Singapore and, over the last ten years, has carried out events for hundreds of SMEs, MNCs and educational/government organizations here.

These include CapitaLand, Fitness First, AIA, Apple, Ministry of Health, DBS, Aviva, Prudential, Great Eastern, IHP, OUE, UBS, Willis Towers Watson, Equinix, Oracle, The Prime Minister’s Office, GIC, Singapore Prison Service to name just a few. We are also providers for Project We Care.


In an increasingly sedentary world, topping the charts as one of the most pressing healthcare challenges is low back pain, followed by headaches, migraine and neck pain.

Employers are now taking notice and becoming concerned about lost productivity and the economic burden due to pain.  They must also consider integrating wellness initiatives and providing employment benefits comparable to other employers.


We have been educating the employees of companies and organizations in Singapore for the last ten years. We are passionate about education, and our mission is to help everyone lead healthier lives by promoting the benefits of proactive, preventative health care and providing real and sensible solutions.






We can tailor make these presentations to your requirements, but the live webinars we have carried out more recently include:

  • Headaches, Neck/Shoulder & Back Pain

  • Let’s look at your ergonomics

  • What questions do you have for a Chiropractor? (Live Q&A)

We can handle all registrations if required but will also work with you on your own software platform if preferred.


Webinar on Chiropractic Care
Live Webinars

NEW 1-1 TeleHealth Ergonomic Assessment

Office or Work From Home

Correct Sitting Posture

This assessment aims to help you set up your workstation for optimal comfort and performance. One of our Chiropractors will conduct a video call with your employee to provide recommendations on their workspace and advise on chairs and monitors etc. This assessment includes a 2-week desk exercise protocol.

Please enquire on pricing.

TeleHealth Ergonic Asessment


We have a range of topics available but can also prepare tailor-made presentations if required.

Our most popular talk topics include:

  • Great computer posture with desk exercises

  • Stress Management

  • Let’s talk Ergonomics, including desk exercises (New)

  • 5 Pillars of Health – Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, Mental Health, Spinal Health

  • Posture & Desk Exercises Workshop

  • Tips for a Great Night’s Sleep!

  • Resolve headaches and neck and shoulder pain without medication

  • How to resolve back pain without drugs or surgery

  • Healthy Aging

  • Sports Injuries Prevention talk

  • Secrets to Total Health – Chiropractic 101

  • Staying in the saddle for the distance! Avoiding injury workshop for cyclists

  • Superfood for the superhuman body.

Our on-site talks are complimentary, provided we have 20+ pax in attendance. Otherwise, we need to make a charge of $500+GST.

Dr tim health talk corporate wellness ed

From GIC: “Poor posture is becoming the leading cause of pain and discomfort at the workplace. This talk is certainly timely in highlighting the long-term health effects of ignoring those persistent aches and pains”.

From KTP Consultants “We had a great session with your chiropractors and team. The Chiropractors were very patient and were happy to answer all the queries!”.

Health Talks/Workshops

From Danone, “First ever talk organized by us and thanks to Tim who provided us with so much information on causes and desk exercises to help the employees manage. We were impressed that the team was fully prepared with equipment and provided analysis on the spot to understand the current situation and how it can be managed. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.”

From DBS “A BIG thank you for sharing your expertise during our DBS Technology Services’ Lunch & Learn session. Fifty-two participants attended this session to learn about stress management, the different types of stress and how they can relieve it. Once again, thank you for your support, and we look forward to working together again in our future events.”

Shoulder stretch health talk


Our health screenings are educational and fun! We use a thermal imaging machine to scan the upper cervical area in approx. 15 seconds, print out the result and then educate the employee on the findings and their general health. The visual aspect of this screening enhances and increases the opportunity for employees to engage and participate in their health care. Our experienced team can cater a screening for 30 pax to 2000+ pax and we offer this as a complimentary service!

Spinal Screenings

From Auditors General Office “… In addition, the complimentary screening raises awareness and helped our staff identify early symptoms of improper sleeping and sitting postures. Thank you.”


From Feinmetall Singapore Pte Ltd “We were thankful for the complimentary screening provided to our staff that enabled them to know their current posture conditions. Total Health Chiropractic has displayed professionalism and are such a delight to work with.


We have been bringing on-site chiropractic ‘pop-up’ clinics to many organizations over the last 4 years, including DBS Bank, GIC, Razer, The Work Project, Servcorp, CapitaLand, Storhub and Ascendas.

These pop-up clinics allow us to educate your staff and for them to ‘try’ chiropractic at a hugely subsidized cost in the comfort of their own office. These clinics are usually over-subscribed as they remove many barriers, including price, time and inconvenience.

Cost per employee is only $60.00 (incl. GST) with 12 appointments available each day.


From Servcorp “Tim and the team from Total Health Chiropractic were generous enough to extend a pop-up clinic for Servcorp Six Battery Road clients. The event was an absolute success and everyone went away feeling that they had learnt a great deal on how to support their spinal health and overall wellbeing. It went so well, in fact, that we needed to get THC back for a second visit and we are already in talks to have a third! A big thank you from Servcorp.”



We have experience in establishing the chiropractic element inside a leading global tech giant in Singapore and understand what it takes to set new standards for convenience and affordability, offering an unrivalled client experience. With our knowledge and expertise, we can help with on-site chiropractic and/or manage multi-functional rooms offering a greater choice of wellness solutions.

Testimonial from our permanent on-site clinic “Tim, we just wanted to share with you that the feedback from employees has been great! Thank you for all you’ve done as our provider!”.

On-Site Wellness



We acknowledge that all organisations are unique with differing circumstances and requirements. A ‘one solutions fits all’ approach does not always work and, as such, we can offer a bespoke service blended from our range of wellness solutions.

Corporate Membership Plan



In 2018, THC conducted a survey measuring chiropractic care's effectiveness on employee wellness. This survey determined that the services provided by a chiropractor at a Total Health Chiropractic clinic yield improved health outcomes, reduced costs and high levels of patient satisfaction.

Results included:

93% less insurance claims

93% increased productivity

79% less medical leave taken

95% less surgical procedures

82% increased concentration

78% better quality sleep

92% reduction in pain medication

78% reduced stress levels

98% improved general health and wellbeing

93% happier workforce

Measuring The Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care on Employee Wellness

On-site Wellness Care

Because Your Employees' Health Matters

Submit your interest and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about corporate wellness and chiropractic!

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