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Leg Length Inequality & Pelvic Tilt

Leg Length Inequality and Pelvic Tilt
Unhealthy Spine
Spine Tilt can be helped with Chiropractic

Understanding and Addressing Leg Length Inequality & Pelvic Tilt

Leg length inequality, more common than you may think, can go undetected for years. However, without appropriate addressel, this postural imbalance can cause significant wear and tear on your spine.

Total Health Chiropractic Singapore specializes in identifying and managing these structural issues.

Identifying Leg Length Inequality

If you suspect leg length inequality, a comprehensive assessment by a qualified structural chiropractor is crucial.

They can determine the degree of discrepancy and its potential impact on your spine or gait.

The Examination Process

The examination begins when you are in a standing, weight-bearing position. Measurements taken in non-weight-bearing positions can be unreliable due to muscle imbalance. X-ray examination can accurately identify a pelvic tilt due to a possible leg length difference.

Leg Length Inequality & Spinal Health

Leg length inequality can significantly affect both pelvic and spinal alignment. Such inequality can lead to abnormal lumbar curvature or even scoliosis. Altered walking patterns can result in uneven wear and potentially lead to hip or knee replacement surgery.

Differentiating Anatomical and Functional Short Legs

Leg length inequality is classified as anatomical or functional, and each requires a different strategy. An anatomical short leg is due to asymmetrical growth or after a fracture or surgery. A functional short leg appears short due to excessive foot pronation or excessive valgus.

Addressing Leg Length Inequality

At Total Health Chiropractic Singapore, we take a methodical approach to managing leg length inequality and pelvic tilt.

Corrective Measures

If an anatomical difference affects your alignment, the recommendation may involve a heel-lift to raise the pelvis on the low side. If the issue is functional, then orthotics to stabilize the feet may be incorporated.

The Importance of X-Rays

Correct weight-bearing X-rays are crucial to avoid potential negative impacts on the spine from correcting the leg length.

The Process of Correction

Corrective measures must happen gradually, especially if the pelvic tilt has caused severe damage to the spine. We introduce corrective lifts gradually, allowing your body to adapt over time.

Don't let leg length inequality affect your spinal health. Reach out to Total Health Chiropractic Singapore and inquire about our current first visit promotion today!


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