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Numbness and Tingling

A person with numbness and tingling in thier foot

Numbness and Tingling: Achieve Relief with Chiropractic Care

Experiencing numbness and tingling in your hands, arms, back, neck, face, legs, feet, or toes can be unsettling and disruptive to your daily life.


These sensations might point to a more serious underlying condition involving the compression or pinching of spinal nerves.

This compression can lead to a loss of sensory function, causing affected body areas to feel unusually heavy, numb, or partially "dead".

In some cases, these symptoms might hint at life-threatening conditions, such as a heart attack, stroke, or poisoning. Hence, it's critically important to address recurring numbness and tingling with the right intervention.

When Should You Seek Help?

If your numbness and tingling sensation feels like it "radiates" from your neck, mid-back, or low back, conservative chiropractic care could potentially offer the solution you need.

Although often painless, these symptoms shouldn't be ignored. They can progressively be associated with a weakening of muscle control, leading to balance issues, poor coordination, and an increased risk of falls. Thus, seeking appropriate care as soon as possible is advised.

Your First Visit Consultation for Numbness and Tingling at Total Health Chiropractic Singapore

Our chiropractors will first determine your suitability for our conservative spinal care during an initial comprehensive consultation. This consultation involves a detailed case history discussion and any necessary orthopaedic and neurological exams.

If required, our team will arrange for X-rays to better understand any changes occurring in your spine. Once we have all the relevant information to provide the best possible care, we will outline our recommended care plan. Remember, early intervention often enhances the chances of symptom resolution.


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“I was getting really worried about the numbness coming down my arm, especially due to the fact that I spend many hours at the computer. I am now so glad that I didn't leave going to see Total Health Chiropractic any longer as I now understand that my poor posture was really damaging my spine. After only a few chiropractic visits, my numbness had gone and I know now how to counteract my many working hours at the computer with various exercises. Thank you.” 

—  Mrs G

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