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Zach LaBoube's journey into the chiropractic profession is a
compelling story of personal experience and a genuine desire to
help others. It all started when he was involved in a car accident as a
teenager, where his sister sustained severe lumbar spine fractures,
leading to multiple surgeries. While his own injuries were less
severe, it was a chiropractor who played a pivotal role in his
recovery, enabling him to continue his athletic pursuits on the
basketball court and baseball field.

After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science at
Southeast Missouri State University, Zach initially ventured into
the world of politics, working at the state capital in Missouri.
However, he soon realized that the cutthroat nature of politics was
not his true calling. He felt there was a better way to serve and help

This realization prompted him to change course, leaving politics
behind and enrolling at Logan University. There, he earned a second
Bachelor's Degree in Human Biology and went on to achieve a
Doctorate in Chiropractic (non-medical). His dedication to chiropractic care and
holistic health extended beyond his practice, leading him to
become a published author and the founder of a successful vitamin
supplement line in the United States. His book's success and vitamin line gave him the freedom to practice abroad.

Zach's international experience is particularly noteworthy. He
has seen patients in seven different countries, including Peru,
Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Singapore. This
global perspective has enriched his ability to understand and serve
his patients, allowing him to seamlessly integrate American
Chiropractic principles with holistic healing techniques from around
the world.



  • 2014   Degree in Chiropractic, New Zealand College of Chiropractic

  • 2010   Auckland University Bachelor of Pharmacology



  • Alliance of Chiropractic Singapore



  • English

  • Korean

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