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Example Spinal Correction

Example of typical cervical correction achieved

Here, a patient suffering from daily headaches with extreme neck and shoulder tension was found to have virtually a complete loss of the standard neck curve. Her head was also well forward of her shoulders. After a course of Chiropractic sessions, we see that a curve has been restored to her neck, and her head is in a better position on her shoulders. The correction you see here was achieved in 12 weeks.

Her headaches and the continuous tension in her neck and shoulders have completely disappeared. She now embraces chiropractic as an integral part of her overall health care. She has regular chiropractic adjustments to ensure her spine and nervous system remain healthy.


If you are suffering neck or shoulder pain or headaches, this is a reliable sign that there could be a postural or functional neck problem. In addition, these are usually some of the easiest things to deal with if identified and dealt with early.

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Spinal Correction

 “I had no idea that the shape of my neck was so important. It felt like my head was too heavy and the shoulder pain and headaches were making my life an absolute misery. Now my posture is better and I know how to stop things from getting worse. But the best thing is that I now work without pain, and I’m not shattered at the end of the day”

       – Julie (Sentosa)

Spinal Correction

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