My Bowling Ball & Your Health

So just why is there a bowling ball on display in our office. Modern art or maybe an oversized paperweight?

bowling ball - resized for web

The truth is that I am using this colourful object to shock people into appreciating just how heavy the human head is.

This particular ball is 5.2 kilos – about the same weight as a decent size human head. Just hold it for a moment, balanced in the palm of you hand and you’ll understand. Drop it on your toes and you will probably never forget this lesson. Ouch!!

Yes, your head really is that heavy and if it is not sitting squarely on your shoulders but is toppling forward, then it is being held by ever tightening muscles. The body is then going to be stressed, delicate nerve tissues stretched, squeezed and twisted. Loss of health then follows – it always does.

This is not a normal posture as you can appreciate, but it is extremely common – so much so that people are becoming blind to this destructive posture that is everywhere. The accompanying pain is inconvenient, just part of aging … right? No. It is the inevitable consequence of adopting an unhealthy shape, pain being the body’s cry for help. Those that have this problem and leave it too long, often end up in a terrible state.

This is a huge pity as early intervention could have changed everything. Hence my bowling ball – anything that helps to make people sit up and take notice as education is perhaps my greatest responsibility.


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