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Nicole Gilliland has been working in Singapore for several years after graduating from Life East University, Georgia, USA, in 2019. 


She spent most of her life in Wyoming, USA, which led to an intense dislike of cold weather!

In her younger days, she had a few car accidents, leading to chronic (and sometimes debilitating) low back pain. She tried many solutions to alleviate the pain, but it kept returning. Luckily, her sister is a chiropractor, and she quickly found relief from the pain with chiropractic care.

This led to Nicole earning her Chiropractic degree to help others improve their spinal health, live pain-free lives, and follow their passions to the fullest.

Nicole has played volleyball for over 20 years and enjoys spin and pilates. She loves going to the movies and karaoke, hosting dinner and has been skydiving twice!




  • 2019   Life University, USA – Doctor of Chiropractic (non-medical)

  • 2012   University of Wyoming, USA – BSc in Biology



  • Alliance of Chiropractic Singapore

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