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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

3 Fundamentals for Vibrant Health

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Regain and retain your vibrant health. Three things are necessary to grow healthier and stronger each day, and to keep moving you towards the expressing your full health and life potential.

1) A Deliberate and Positive Focus:

Health doesn’t just happen – it is something precious that is to be nurtured rather than expected. However, there is a lot more to it than that. To maintain our health we must concentrate our focus on positive things. We cannot constantly focusing on the negative aspects of our world.

Negative emotions change our body chemistry by creating stress, while positive emotions always create a healthy, healing biochemistry.

If we can really focus on what is good in our world, deliberately thinking about what we have to be grateful for, then this all helps create positive, healthy emotions.

The way you feel is also an important factor in shaping our posture, which of course affects our spine and in turn our nervous system within. It also goes a long way to determining the lifestyle choices we make along the way.

So, at Total Health Chiropractic we don’t just think it is a good idea to think positively. As there is so much empirical evidence and it is a well-accepted fact – a positive attitude is absolutely necessary if you want to stay healthy.

2) A Lifestyle That is Health Focused:

To be healthy, we must have healthy cells, tissues, organs, and physiological systems. To keep them healthy we must be conscious of what we ingest through all our senses, selecting sounds, sensations, sights, tastes, and smells that are nurturing and nourishing. We know we must strive for excellent nutrition and we must exercise often and with variety to affect all parts.

Our bodies consist of billions of cells and their health goes a long way to determining our overall health. If we have a healthy lifestyle we are more likely to have healthy cells.

What is the most important thing produced by our cells? ENERGY! Healthy lifestyle choices will optimise the use of our nutrition and promote cellular strength. We must also minimise our exposure to poisons and toxins. If we follow these simple rules, we optimise our cells’ ability to produce energy. If we have plenty of energy this improves our focus, our stamina and our emotions. It will help us maintain good posture, thereby protecting our spine and nervous system within.

With these lifestyle factors, you have a chance to maximise the Life Energy in your body!

Invest in your health

3) A Nervous System Free of Interference:

Most people don’t appreciate the intimate relationship that exists between their spine and their nervous system.

Because of the delicacy of the nerves, you simply MUST have a fully functioning, well balanced spine in order to maintain 100% nerve flow.

You can make all the healthy choices possible, but you cannot conceivably receive all of the benefits of your healthy lifestyle choices if your brain and body aren’t communicating optimally.

If spinal function is in any way less than optimal, your body’s energy use becomes very inefficient. Energy is wasted and the body expresses stress physiology.

Your body is then concentrating on survival and concentrates less on growth and repair and the immune system and digestive system are suppressed.

Maintaining your spine functioning optimally ensures that your brain and all areas of your body are fully connected, your very Life Force is uninterrupted, and you can get the most out of your healthy lifestyle choices.


To be the best you can be for your family, your friends, co-workers, community, and country, you must nurture all the pillars of health.

If you get any of these wrong, you will never live to your potential, and unfortunately we see people living like this all around us.

At Total Health Chiropractic our goal is not to help you simply “get through” the day – to SURVIVE. NO! 

Our goal is to help you maximise your expression of life – or simply to THRIVE!

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