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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

3 Key Steps to Health

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Regain and retain your vibrant health! Lets keep it simple, because if you invest a little bit of mind space into making these simple lifestyle changes, it will give you a lifetime of return. 

3 steps to health

Our mission at Total Health Chiropractic, is to inspire you to live at a higher level of being. To live a life full of spirit and purpose, proactive in health, able to fulfil your potential in life.

If you can tune in and FOCUS on these very simple rules. APPLY them in your own life, then you have every right to be EXCITED. They will allow you to grow stronger and healthier each and every day. Also help keep you moving towards that life you deserve.

1) A Deliberate and Positive Focus

In this hectic, stressed out world, we can’t expect health to just happen as a God-given right.  Rather, it is something precious that must be nurtured rather than expected. It’s about developing a healthy, positive mindset where we take a real interest in the function of our own body and mind. When we control our mind, everything else falls into place.

We must focus on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative. Science has proven that negativity creates stress which changes our body chemistry, while positive emotions create a healing, nurturing internal environment. 

How you feel about yourself sets the tone for your posture and therefore your spine.A stressed spine will always stress the nervous system within and we start making more and more unhealthy choices in life. 

So, at Total Health Chiropractic we are all about thinking positively!

Choose Health, Choose Life!

Choose health choose life

2) A Healthy Lifestyle

To enjoy a healthy life, we must have healthy cells, tissues and organs, and all our systems must be working at their best. To maintain this healthy state we must be careful what we take in through our senses, selecting sounds, sensations, sights, tastes, and smells that are nurturing and nourishing. We want to put so much health into our body that there simply is no room for disease. Great nutrition is a known and obviously we must exercise regularly and with enough variety to affect all parts of our body. Cellular health is vital to our overall health and for this we need adequate hydration and quality sleep.

Perhaps the main determining factor for the quality of your life is the the amount of ENERGY you produce. By making healthy daily choices you will optimise your body’s use of it’s nutrition, thus promoting cellular strength.

Obviously, its not just about putting good stuff into our body, its preventing the bad stuff from getting in and causing havoc. With this in mind we should try and minimise our exposure to poisons and toxins. 

Following these simple rules we give ourselves the best chance of OPTIMISING our cells’ ability to produce energy. This improves our stamina and helps us maintain focus. We stay ‘on purpose’.

Here at Total Health we call these our Pillars of Health and we’ll expand on these later giving you real solutions and strategies that work.

3) A Nervous System Free of Interference:

Most people don’t appreciate the intimate relationship that exists between their spine and their nervous system.

Because of the delicacy of the nerves, you simply MUST have a fully functioning, well balanced spine in order to maintain 100% nerve flow.

You can make all the healthy choices possible, but you cannot conceivably fully benefit from this unless your brain and body are communicating optimally.

If spinal function is in any way less than optimal, your body becomes inefficient, energy is wasted and the body expresses stress physiology. Your body is then concentrating more on survival and less on growth and repair, the immune system and digestive system become suppressed and this can lead to a myriad of conditions and diseases.


At Total Health Chiropractic our goal is not to help you simply “get through” or merely to SURVIVE. We have a bigger vision for you. We want you to be excited as together we work to  your expression of life.  Simply put, we want you to THRIVE!

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