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Bulging or Slipped Discs?

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Between each of the bones (vertebrae) in your spine are cushions or discs that makes movement easier. These discs also acts as a “shock absorber” to keep the bones from rubbing against one another every time you move.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when a disc becomes damaged and can move out of its proper position. This is generally referred to as a ruptured, bulging, herniated or slipped disc. All these terms mean the same thing – the disc is damaged and will continue to deteriorate if the cause is not rectified. A person with a damaged disc can experience pain and loss of movement in the area of the damaged disc. And, if the disc exerts pressure on a nerve that is exiting the spine, other areas of the body can be affected as well. This can ultimately be extremely serious.

What causes a damaged disc?

  1. Normal wear and tear on the disc that results from the aging process (disc degeneration). This can cause a loss of fluid (nourishment) that discs need to remain soft and flexible.

  2. Sudden movement or lifting a heavy object may result in injury to the disc.

  3. Repetitive movements that put stress on the spine, such as sports, improper lifting techniques, etc., can cause disc damage.

If a damaged disc doesn’t press on a nerve, there may be very mild pain or no pain at all. However, if the disc places pressure on a nerve, the area of the body affected by the nerve may experience pain, numbness, “pins and needles”, muscle spasms or weakness.

How to heal a herniated disc

Typical medical treatment usually includes pain management medications, exercise, physical therapy or surgery if the condition does not resolve itself. However, chiropractic care is a conservative, non-invasive, all-natural approach to healing herniated discs.

Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct nerve interference in the spine caused by bones that have shifted out of place. In the case of a herniated disc that interferes with proper nerve function, chiropractors administer a series of low force adjustments, and that in conjunction with specialized spinal traction and focused exercise, can facilitate healing of the damaged disc.

At Total Health Chiropractic, we have been extremely successful in helping people in Singapore alleviate the pain associated with disc degeneration. In addition, our clients understand what exactly is happening and what needs to be done to prevent reoccurrence.

Chiropractic is VERY safe for slipped discs.

If you are worried that chiropractic may worsen the problem then you can rest assured. A systematic review of the risk of spinal manipulation as a treatment for lumbar disk herniations revealed that the chance of worsening a lumbar disk herniation following spinal manipulation is 1 in 3.7 million. The apparent safety of spinal manipulation when compared to other accepted treatments supports the further use of spinal manipulation as part of a conservative treatment plan.

Journal of Manipulative Physiologic Therapeutics, March 2004

We would be happy to offer you more information on this or any other condition and explain how chiropractic care may be able to help you heal.

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