Free Corporate Presentations and Screenings

Corporate Presentations and Screenings

Total Health Chiropractic are passionate about education and our mission is to help the people of Singapore live healthier lives by promoting the benefits of proactive, preventative healthcare and providing real and sensible solutions.

As an HR Manager, are you worried about the level of absenteeism, particularly due to headaches, migraines or back pain?

As an employee, are you worried about the amount of pain you are ‘putting up with’ or taking pain medication for?

As a business owner, do you feel you have a responsibility to arm your employees with the knowledge they need to keep themselves healthy and therefore become more productive in your company?

As a parent, do you wish for your child to grow strong and healthy with a brilliant mind?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, then we would welcome the opportunity to come to your company, organisation, community or school to educate about health and wellness.

Important News

It is highly topical at the moment (and many news agencies are calling it a ‘global epidemic’), that time spent hunched over computers or mobile phones can be a forerunner of permanent arthritic damage in the neck.

At Total Health Chiropractic, at least 85% of the people that we see in our office are showing signs of degeneration in their neck due to this poor posture and are showing symptoms of headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder tension and/or pain, numbness coming down the arms.

This condition occurs because the joints and tissues in the neck are not built to withstand being flexed for long periods and peering down at a screen puts them under too much stress.

This can be avoided with certain regular exercise whilst working in this position and, for those who already have neck and shoulder pain, clients can feel relief with chiropractic adjustments.

How to avoid poor computer posture affecting your health

Total Health Chiropractic can come to your workplace and present about Poor Computer Posture and advice on how to avoid this degeneration and effect on health.

We also bring with us a thermal imaging scanner and offer to scan your employees for signs of loss of spinal balance and then discuss the results with them.