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  • Dr. Dino Buosciolo

Neck and Shoulder Pain – Simple Solutions

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Neck and shoulder pain affects nearly 80% of the people of Singapore. It is a significant reason for lost productivity and absenteeism from work. For many, it leads to headaches, arthritis, and other health complications.

sad about neck and shoulder pain

There can be many causes of neck and shoulder pain, ranging from poor posture, repetitive strain injuries, or traumatic injury. Complicated conditions such as spinal arthritis, degenerating discs, or trapped nerves, causing pain and dysfunction in the arms or even to essential organs that have nerve supply from the neck.

Neck pain often leads to terrible stiffness, which can make many of our daily activities very difficult. Very commonly, especially in Singapore, neck dysfunction causes tightness in the shoulders and upper back, loss of range of motion. In addition numbness and tingling into the arms and hands.

The perfect solution neck and shoulder pain

Unfortunately, many approaches to neck and shoulder pain are ineffective, and as they tend to focus on the symptoms and not the actual cause, the results are poor. A popular method is to take medication to cover up the pain.

There are many unnecessary surgeries performed every year, which are both expensive and can be dangerous. Outcomes are not always as claimed. 

In most of these cases, the situation improved through gentle, conservative, corrective chiropractic care. We strongly suggest that in most cases, it is wise to try a more natural and less invasive approach at least first. 

Fortunately, at Total Health Chiropractic, we may have the perfect solution to your neck or shoulder pain based on improving the function of your neck and spine and thus subsequently promoting healing.

The first consultation includes a thorough case history and any necessary orthopedic and neurological exams. During this consultation, we determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the spinal rehab procedures we employ in our clinic. If necessary, we will organize X-rays to see the changes that have happened to your spine, a process that is likely to continue with ever more serious results. Once we are happy that we have all the necessary information to give you the very best care, we will then outline the recommended care.

Restoring the natural curve in your neck

Many patients with neck and shoulder pain have lost the normal curve in their neck. This misalignment always leads to a higher rate of spinal degeneration and more health problems. The correction is often at the heart of our rehabilitative approach that delivers such incredible results.

It is necessary to restore the natural curve of the neck if it is to heal correctly. We must recover perfect function and we achieve this by using specific, gentle manipulations, specialized stretching, or gentle neck traction machines and focused spinal flexibility and stability exercises. We leave nothing to chance.

misalignment causing neck and shoulder pain

At Total Health Chiropractic, we have developed a system that works amazingly to allow the body to correct itself from these eventually debilitating conditions. We will locate the specific cause of the pain and dysfunction, and with sensible plan, we will help improve the structure and function – without drugs or side effects.

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