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Success is a habit. What are you working on?

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

We are now over a month into 2019 and already some of you will be struggling with your New Year’s resolutions. If you are, then chances are that you are following the same pattern as all the previous years.

Success go get it

So, let us just have a little think about those good intentions you had and ask yourself if they are really worth the effort.

First of all, ask yourself if you even care? Now, ask yourself how you will feel at the end of the year if you do actually see one or all of your resolutions through.

I think you know the answer – you will feel like a winner and have a huge sense of achievement. You will also have great momentum going forward.

Wouldn’t you like to have that feeling?

Of course, you would.

Train tracks to choose your path

So let’s set about finding out exactly how to make this happen. It’s time to get back on track.

It’s all about your strategies. There is no unwritten law saying that you have to fail, in fact, the opposite is the case. The universe wants you to be successful. How do I know this? Because this is how you grow. I know that at times you have to push through obstacles along the way, and in doing so you become stronger.

Nothing in life sets you up for success better than pushing through obstacles, expanding your comfort zone a little and achieving a win. Success begets success!

So, this is the strategy. We are going to identify a series of targets, starting with one relatively simple to achieve and then getting gradually harder until the results are making a real impact on your life.

If you are thinking press-ups start with something just out of reach, say 20, and start banging them out every day. Before you know it, it’s done, and you’ve already made a positive change.

So, let’s get to it – identify a small target and HIT IT, with action, speed, repetition, and tenacity – whatever it takes to hit the target. Execution is the game; just do it! (Nike are absolutely right) And then see how you feel? You will feel better about yourself and the world will feel better about you.

Remember, smile and the world smiles with you!

Next up, find something a little bigger to achieve. If press-ups are your game, now you are shooting for 30.  If you make it visible then when you achieve this one you’ll earn respect, admiration, and curiosity. Now you are feeling even better about yourself? You are building momentum. I did this with swimming laps and now I’m doing a kilometer most mornings. What a difference from when I began!

Don’t tell me you don’t have the time – fiddlesticks! That’s your old mindset, the one that never saw things through. Your new mindset gets things done, hits targets and creates momentum. It makes success a habit.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Benjamin Franklin

What I love about this process is that there are other wins that happen as by-products of the action mindset you are creating. As the goals become greater, so the splash they make become so much the greater. Now you are a disrupter and the ripples are getting bigger. You can look at this as the domino effect of becoming an achiever.

Keep this up for long enough and this will become a chain reaction of successes building on successes. Eventually, you must hit a goal that right now would seem impossible and now you are in the game of making the improbable reality. It only follows that with this new found unrelenting wave of positivity must come to a string of good fortune. Try it and you’ll see – it’s a law!

So why is this process so life changing? Well, the ultimate reason for stepping up your game and achieving a succession of gradually increasing goals is to gradually encourage and empower yourself to become the person it takes to achieve them. The character traits and skill sets you develop in rising to meet these gradually increasing challenges are the real benefits and actually, they are profoundly more important than the nature of the goals itself.

Let’s look at some of the by-products of success you can look forward to.

1)  You’ll finally find out what you are really made of. They say knowledge is power and if that knowledge is about yourself, then this is self-empowerment. You’ll find out how tough and resilient you are. Did you cope or crumble?

2)  You Build Extraordinary Self-Confidence. You will find your level of self-confidence is directly proportionate to your ability to rise to the challenges you set for yourself. As you rise to meet your goals your self-confidence soars.

This will gradually help you climb your mountain, reach your summit, run your marathon or hit your home run.

3)  Become the best version of yourself. Few things in life will help you develop the traits we so admire so much in others better than improving your ability to set and achieve goals.

By setting and achieving these simple but ever increasing goals you are showing focus, resolve, discipline, commitment, perseverance, maturity, and the strength to follow through.

These are powerful characteristics that, when continually reinforced, become hardwired into your operating system. They become you. You have now risen out of that sea of mediocrity to live that inspired life.

Now go play your game of life at the very top of your game!

Signs telling you to decide your path to success
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